July 02, 2021

Susan Takao, AAPI Caucus Steering Committee Member

Susan Takao

Greetings from Perth, Western Australia on the coast of the Indian Ocean.

I have been a member of Democrats Abroad since moving to Perth nearly 28 years ago from Santa Barbara, California. While I am not Asian-America, my husband is from Kyoto and my two children are proudly Japanese-American.

The election of President Biden and Vice-President Harris is just the beginning of a very long way to go with much work to be done on a number of fronts. The surge in Asian hate crimes in the US, as well as increased racism abroad, was the motivating force for me to join the AAPI Caucus.

I have always been committed to social equity and justice. I have recently retired after a long career in higher education, both in the US and Australia, including involvement with diversity and inclusion. I look forward to assisting the AAPI Caucus both globally and in Australia.