May 28, 2021

Wy Ming Lin, Germany AAPI Caucus

Wy Ming Lin

Hi! I'm Wy Ming (pronounced just like Wyoming, without the O 😉) and I am a New York voter originally from Brooklyn. I've lived all over Germany and have spent considerable time in Berlin, Cologne, and Leipzig, before settling down first for my Masters and now for my PhD in Tübingen. During the 2020 presidential election, I started volunteering for Democrats Abroad, and I was moved at how enthusiastic fellow expats were at still trying to enact change in America. Since then, I have been more engaged with DA Germany and was recently voted to be the Vice Chair of Stuttgart Chapter. I am also helping to build DA Germany's spinoff of the AAPI Caucus because I believe that it's important to support each other and share our experiences as AAPI in our host country, engage with locals who are part of the Asian diaspora, and discuss ways in which we could be active about AAPI issues in our local communities.