Announcing the DA Global Black Caucus

Join us today on a call with Phil Murphy, New Jersey’s Democratic candidate for governor, former ambassador to Germany, and great friend of Democrats Abroad! He will speak to us about his campaign and plans moving forward. RSVP now for a zoom link. 

We’re thrilled to announce that the Global Black Caucus is now an official caucus within Democrats Abroad. The caucus team, led by Angela Fobbs, warmly welcomes new members and is busy planning their first events and projects. Join today! 

Following the DNC fall meeting in Las Vegas, our DNC members are all back home, and catching up with work, family (and sleep). Many thanks again to the team for their tireless work in Las Vegas and their fantastic advocacy for Democrats Abroad.

In case you missed it, check out Ralph Northam’s interview with the DA Comms team. He’s running for VA governor and we were delighted to be able to hear from him about issues that matter to Americans abroad. 

What’s new with Give to Win this week? Check out the site and see! 

Women’s Caucus calendars are on sale now and have their own page on the website. Check them out– it’s not too early to start your Christmas shopping!  

This week’s Tiny Action highlights the elections we are working on. Please take some time and phone bank for these elections. They matter – wins in AL, NJ and VA will make a huge difference for the Democratic party next year and we need to pull out the stops to make these wins happen. 

Mark your calendars
“Give to Win” fundraising month is running! – October through Nov 8th
Phil Murphy, NJ governor candidate webinar – RSVP now - today at 11am EST
Women’s Caucus hosts Emily’s List - November 2nd at 9am DC time