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The AZ State Team worked hard in 2022 to help re-elect Senator Mark Kelly
and to elect Democrats to the top three (!) statewide offices:
Katie Hobbs as Governor, Adrian Fontes as Secretary of State
and Kris Mayes as Attorney General!

We helped send amazing Ruben Gallego, Raul Grijalva and Greg Stanton back to the US House, and came within 1 seat of gaining the majority in both the AZ house and senate.

Our votes from abroad provided President Biden’s margin of victory in Arizona in 2020!

We can be the difference in federal, statewide and local elections in 2024! 

What’s at stake in AZ in 2024:  

  • Electing a Dem to Kyrsten Sinema’s Senate seat
  • Passing the abortion rights initiative
  • Flipping the AZ state legislature

Read on to find out how you can make your vote count in Arizona!

Get Involved

​​​There are many opportunities to have an impact! Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare - every little bit helps. From phonebanking to voter outreach and assistance to event planning, it’s all hands on deck to find and help every overseas voter we can.    

We’re organizing AZ candidate events, phonebanking drives, and voter assistance sessions, up until Election Day. We’re asking you to help spread the word to US citizens outside the US that they can vote and how to request their ballot. Increased overseas turnout can decide close elections in AZ!  

Check our Events for upcoming meetings.
Please click here if you would like to join the AZ State Team! 

Here are some quick ways to stay up-to-date on the new developments and stay in contact with us:

Early in 2024 –  be sure to request your ballot and/or register as an AZ overseas voter at: www.votefromabroad.org


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