Elaine Thomas was born and raised in Washington, D.C. She is a professional actress, singer, teacher, and poet.

She currently resides in Hamburg City, Germany.

Elaine has performed with some of the greatest names in International Black American Music. -  

Elaine started her career with 14 as a hip hop and breakdance competitor.

At age 17, she competed to become the 3rd best break-dancer in the USA and the number 1  female break-dancer in the USA. 

At 15, Elaine (then known as Camille Thomas) auditioned for the famed Workshop for Career in the Arts in Washington D.C., becoming one of the first graduates from the Duke Ellington High School for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. 

During this time, she also honed her skills, as Stage Manager & Managing Director of the Paul Robeson Multi-Media Center.

Elaine has performed in Germany in over 15 Musicals and as an actress and in just as many theater dramas. 

Elaine has since then worked on several compilations, --- Dance Floor, Classic Soul, Jazz, Pop & Gospel.

She has turned a lifelong passion for reading into teaching. She teaches business English classes, gives seminars on black historical related subjects, and gives Personal Development Coaching.

Elaine has recently published a book of poems on Amazon called “Visions from a Mad Black Dwarf” & has a Blues Band.

Elaine is currently working on her first short story compilation book of African American folktales and inspirational stories for kids.