Martin Luther King Day

How We Remember And Honor Dr. King’s Legacy

The past year has further exposed the inequalities in American society. From the pandemic to affordable housing, access to education and the effects of climate change. Nowhere has the inequality gap grown more than exercising the right to vote. 

While January 6th culminated with a violent act to deny our legal and constitutional right to vote, the assault has persisted. To date, 19 state legislatures have passed laws that make it harder for students, people of color, low income and physically challenged Americans to vote. And there are no less than 163 congressional candidates who believe and campaign on the big lie that the election was stolen.

As we remember Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on what should have been his 93rd birthday, let us not only honor his legacy but uphold it … not fail it! As Americans of all races and creeds living abroad and stateside, our right to vote is not a forgone conclusion. 

The pace of voting rights for all citizens has been long and arduous. It has taken over a century for America to give all U.S. citizens the right to vote. Yes, 100 years. When Black men were given the right through the 15th amendment, restrictive state laws, poll taxes, literacy tests and grandfather made it nearly impossible to vote. When women got the right to vote in 1920, it did not include minority women. From 1924 to 1962, Indigenous, Asian and Washington D.C. residents were enfranchised.

It was not until the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that enforced the 15th amendment at the federal level to become one of the most far-reaching and important civil rights legislation in U.S. history. 

This was the life’s work of Dr. King … his legacy. Dr. King gave his life for this. We stand on his and the shoulders of Hosea Williams and John Lewis. We must uphold the dream.

Since the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, 18 year olds, non-English speaking citizens  and Americans abroad, had been given the right to vote in 1971, 1975 and 1976, respectively. And in 1982, the Reagan administration … the Reagan administration … extended it for 25 years.

Today, our voting rights lie in peril as states have, 100 years later, enacted laws that restrict all of our access to the ballot. How will we meet this moment? How will we honor Dr. King’s legacy? 

Why is this taking so long? If segregationists and trickle down theorists can protect voting rights, Senators Manchin and Sinema can support the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act.

Rest in power, Dr. King. We honor you. We will not fail you.

Leedonal (Jazz) Moore, Chair 
Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus

Video Excerpt of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech - I HAVE A DREAM

Seasons Greetings from the Global Black Caucus Chair

GBC-HolidayCard.pngI am wishing you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year. May good health, the peace and joy of the holidays be with you today and throughout the new year. Let’s take a moment and commemorate all victims, Family Members, Brothers & Sisters, Loved Ones, Friends, Co-Workers or even the Unknown Stranger from all walks of life, affected by the ongoing pandemic, which also still might prevent many of us from visiting our homes.

Please know that you are not alone. Our GBC-Community is made up of strong, diverse and supportive members from all around the world who are always there for each other and hear one out, and if you do feel alone and would like to exchange some thoughts, you may always drop me an email: [email protected]

I also would like to use the momentum of my highest gratitude to all our Volunteers and Supporters, our domestic and international Collaborators and all Democrats Abroad Volunteers who all share the same mission of Getting Out The Vote and fighting for upholding our Fundamental Human Right To VOTE!

Recognize And Celebrate Small Victories 4 The Big Win…

 Whilst 2021 is nearly at an end, our GBC mission continues to advocate on issues on behalf of our African-American Brothers, Sisters and Allies…..

The GBC will not be roped into the negative media frenzy on losing the Midterm Elections, quite the contrary! We will be focusing and utilizing our energy in recognizing and celebrating small victories 4 the big win.

And this is where…We Need You.

Our Brothers and Sisters Need You. Our Country NEEDS You.


There are many ways for you to get involved. You can become an active VOLUNTEER, DONATE or join our EVENTS and last but not least having a strong digital presence will be more important than ever for finding and mobilizing voters abroad for critical races in 2022. That’s why Democrats Abroad has prioritized redesigning its website in the first quarter of 2022.

At the top of the to-do list is making our website more engaging, accessible, and user-friendly – something we know needs to be done, but which comes with a price tag of $30,000.

Help us in this longer-term investment so that we can better attract and support our online visitors – and in turn convert site visits into activism and votes! Please chip in today at

 Again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for every helping hand!

Love and Light

Leedonal (Jazz) Moore
Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus Chair

Immediate Call To Action: GBC-CalltoAction.png

 We won’t let our country be dragged back into the era of Jim Crow voter suppression laws.

 In 2021 alone, more than 425 bills to restrict voter access have been introduced in 49 states. So far, at least 19 of those states have enacted 33 laws that make it harder for people to vote.

We have breaking intel that the Freedom to Vote Act could move forward in the Senate before the end of the year.

We need you to act right away to urge your Senators to do just that!

We encourage you to use 5.CALLS.ORG to find your Senator’s number and contact details. it’s easy and accessible for all.

Hi, my name is ___and I live in ________.

I'm calling today to urge you to forgo the winter recess until you've pass the Freedom to Vote Act. I need you to protect the right to vote for EVERY eligible voter, and the filibuster's just getting in the way. We can't wait any longer for this bill. Please do anything necessary to pass the Freedom to Vote Act!

Thank you.


Request your ballots


ALERT for TEXAS voters! Please send in your Federal Postcard Application (FPCA) on January 2nd or 3rd to request your ballots for 2022!! Mark your calendars!! Texas has the earliest primaries in the country: March 1st, 2022. Which means your ballot will be sent to you by January 15th.


Other states: send in your FPCA on January 15th, so you can receive your ballots for the entire election year.



Happy Giving Thanks Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Allies and Volunteers, Family and Friends, Democrats Abroad...

I want to wish you a Happy Giving Thanks Day and reassure you that we do have cause to be thankful. We as Black Americans understand clearly the myths that were perpetrated about the first Thanksgiving. Still, we celebrate this day as a day to recall our successes during the year, offer gratitude and spend time with friends and family.
I am very thankful for the warm embrace and support given by the GBC Membership and beyond. I am very thankful to all of the great work which is accomplished every single day by our talented and committed volunteers and I am very grateful to have such an amazing Global Black Caucus Steering Committee, which is spread across the whole world and which brings an infinite resource of knowledge and experience to the table, believing in our GBC-Mission to Build and Strengthen our Community & Inspire African-Americans to cast their fundamental Right To Vote. THANK YOU!

Although November has presented us with some difficult days, the last couple of days have given us some hope for the future of justice in America and expands our faith that more people will realize that
Black Lives Matter!

Love and Light
Leedonal (Jazz) Moore


Statement on the Rittenhouse verdict

Democrats Abroad -  GLOBAL BLACK CAUCUS
Sun. Nov 21, 2021, For immediate release.

While the outcome of the criminal trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is disappointing, it is not a surprise. We have seen this far too often. An armed vigilante acting in self-defense shoots and kills an unarmed person.

Read more

Build Back Better Toolkit

The Build Back Better Framework Will Build an Economy that Works for Everyone...

  • After months of negotiations, President Biden announced a framework for the Build Back Better Act.   

  • President Biden promised to rebuild the backbone of the country - the middle class - so that this time everyone comes along. He also campaigned on a promise to make government work for working people again. The Build Back Better framework does just that. 

  • This framework is a transformative investment in climate, care and kids that will lower the costs of things families depend on, help people get back to work, and grow the economy.

Specifically, the framework delivers:

  • AFFORDABLE CARE: The most transformative investment in children and caregiving in generations, delivering: 
    • Two years of free preschool for more than six million children per year. The last time America added years of free schooling was more than 100 years ago.
    • Affordable child care so that no middle-income families pay more than 7% of their income on child care. 
    • Affordable, high-quality care for older Americans and people with disabilities in their homes, while supporting the workers who provide this care.

  • CLIMATE ACTION: The largest effort to combat climate change in history that will ensure that we can meet our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions between 50 and 52 percent below 2005 levels by the year 2030.

  • A MIDDLE-CLASS TAX CUT: A historic tax cut for tens of millions of middle-class families, including giving more than 35 million families a major tax cut by extending the expanded Child Tax Credit and cutting taxes for 17 million low-wage workers by extending the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit. 

  • AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE: The biggest expansion of affordable health care in a decade, reducing premiums for more than 9 million Americans by extending the expanded Premium Tax Credit, delivering health care coverage to up to 4 million uninsured people in states that have locked them out of Medicaid, and helping older Americans access affordable hearing care by expanding Medicare.  

  • Build Back Better will improve our immigration system consistent with the Senate’s reconciliation rules

  • And, the framework will reduce the deficit. Build Back Better is paid for by rewarding work, not wealth – and ensuring that the super-wealthy and corporations pay their fair share and can’t cheat on their tax bills. No one making less than $400,000 will have their taxes raised

  • Along with the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal, which makes historic investments in equity and in tackling the climate crisis, Build Back Better will create millions of good-paying jobs, ensure that American workers, businesses, and farmers can compete and win in the 21st century, and save middle-class families money. President Biden’s agenda will grow the economy so that everyone gets ahead.

  • President Biden is confident this is a framework that can pass both houses of Congress, and he looks forward to signing it into law. He calls on Congress to take up this historic bill – in addition to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – as quickly as possible

  • Passing the Build Back Better Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will be the fuel Democrats need to win up and down the ballot in 2022 and beyond. Voters know who delivers for the American people: Democrats. We won in 2020 because we put the American people first, and this is how we’ll win in 2022.

HERE is a toolkit that the Democratic National Committee put together to help you talk to your friends, neighbors, and community about President Biden’s bold and historic Build Back Better Framework, with resources such as message guidance, social media content, graphics, and more. We want to be as loud as possible about this win for the American people, so please share this with your networks and join us in letting Americans know that!



Blue Vote Cafe

Chatting with Jazz on Spotify here.

Caucus Crossover Panel Discussion - AAPI + GBC


Nov. 15th - 21st 2021 the Global Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus (AAPI) and the Global Black Caucus (GBC) are teaming up to take over each other's social media accounts to raise awareness of mutual issues.

First thing we want people to know is that solidarity is there. It's been there. We can trace the historical roots of Asian-Black solidarity back to 1955 with the Bandung Conference, where representatives of people from the Asian continent and folks on the African continent came together to talk about what decolonization was going to look like for both of us. Fast forward to things like the relationship between Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. King, and then all the way to the fight against the Klan in New Orleans in the '80s with Vietnamese fishermen.

In the United States, issues of race can often be cast along the lines of Black and White — and, especially at a moment when the world is being forced to confront the ways systemic racism is built into the nation’s history, the reasons for that focus are clear. 

The AAPI caucus & the GBC are teaming up to dismantle mutual prejudices from within their own communities and are highlighting their common issues. By moving forward and securing Democratic wins during elections, our communities become stronger together. 

During the Caucus Crossover Week, Nov. 15th - 21st 2021, both caucuses will be highlighting issues such as: 

  • Asian & African American Votes Matter
  • Environmental Racism Climate Change
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Reparations
  • Human Trafficking
  • Immigration

We will finish with a Caucus Crossover Panel Discussion between the AAPI & Global Black Caucuses on Sunday, November 21st 11am CET on Zoom.

Sydney, Australia

9:00 pm

Seoul, South Korea

7:00 pm

New Delhi, India

3:30 pm

Berlin, Germany

11:00 am

Please RSVP here to get the Zoom link and to let us know you are interested!  Be part of the discussion and follow the AAPI & Global Black Caucuses social media channels.

We all can learn so much from each other!

Join and follow the Global Black Caucus:

Join and follow the AAPI Caucus:

Quarterly Global Meeting

During these meetings we CONNECT, LISTEN, SUPPORT & EMPOWER each other, exchange thoughts and ideas, plan possible co-sponsored events and ultimately strengthen our community. The Global Black Caucus is hosting an open roundtable discussion once every three months for DA leaders and volunteers, and you are invited to be a vital part of the collective advocating on issues of African-Americans not just in the U.S. but all around the world.

The meetings will be of duration of 90 mins and be held on Zoom.

Please RSVP here to get the Zoom link and to let us know you are interested! 

The first Global Black Caucus Global Meeting will take place on November 30th, 7 AM EST Zoom (next meeting dates: 2022 -Jan. 30th, Mar. 31st, May 31st…)

Check the Global Black Caucus Wiki-Page or the Global Universal Calendar to find further dates for these meetings.

We are looking forward to having great conversations with you all.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a message: [email protected]

Love and Light

Leedonal (Jazz) Moore


All Hands on Deck!

The Global Black Caucus needs your help… And you don’t have to be African-American to join!

Our GBC Steering Committee Team Leads are looking for volunteers who are interested in joining various teams. 

The GBC volunteer works closely with our Engagement, Press / Media Relations, Communications, Reparations, Fundraising, Networking and GOTV Team Leads

Be a valued part of the Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus that provides a forum for all DA members to better understand the issues and concerns affecting Black Americans, to help eliminate unconscious bias within the DA membership and in America, to help engage with Black voters living abroad and ensure that their needs are met within the DA community, and, where needed, to advocate for reforms to political issues. We encourage and facilitate Black Americans abroad to engage, become informed, and exercise their voting franchise.

Interested? Please fill out the form HERE and we will get in touch with you.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Leedonal (Jazz) Moore  
[email protected]

The Long Shadow documentary is available to watch for free now!

WATCH NOW,and RSVP for the Q&A!

We’re excited to share the PBS film THE LONG SHADOW, which follows former CNN Senior Producer, TED contributor, and Emmy-Award winning Director Frances Causey as she traces her family’s legacy of white privilege, placing it in the context of the history of anti-black racism in the United States that began with slavery and continues to impact our society today.

The film has been broadcast nationally on PBS, and now the filmmakers are partnering with Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus & The Together Is Better Alliance for this special screening event and live Q&A!

Watch the film from Sat. Sep. 25th 2021 - Sun. Oct. 3rd 2021 and join the live Q&A on Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 01:00 PM Eastern Time with Director Frances Causey.

If you are white, Frances’ story is YOUR story.
- Kathleen Dreier, Professional Photographer

Watch the film, ask the filmmakers a question, and RSVP for the Q&A!