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    The Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus (GBC) is made up of DA members of all ethnicities from around the world who are willing and able to advocate on issues important to Black Americans within the United States of America and those living abroad. All DA members are eligible to join the GBC. We advocate for laws, policies and programs that improve the lives of Black Americans and educate all people on the humanity of Black people.

    People of visible African descent have been in what we now know as the United States of America since 1619, long before many ethnic groups who are now considered to be White. Black Americans were essential to building America. Without Black people, the greatness of America would not be possible. Today, Black Americans are in all walks of life and are 13.3% of the American population[1]. By 2060, the projected black population in the United States will be 74.5 million, with a predicted median black wealth as of 2053 of zero and a current median White wealth of $116,000.

    According to The Voter Participation Center, from 2012 to 2016, Black voter turnout dropped by 4.7% overall[2]. Black voter turnout is essential for Democratic election victories. Therefore, it is necessary for Democrats to identify and focus on those issues close to the hearts of African American and other minority voters.  In general, voters do not turn out unless they feel included, listened to, and excited. It is important that Democrats Abroad  have a caucus which directly addresses the issues of Black Americans. Thus, the Global Black Caucus will produce and disseminate political content which bears witness to the ever-unfolding international history of the Black American reality. Black Lives Matter!

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    [1] “QuickFacts.” U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts Selected: UNITED STATES, United States Census Bureau, 1 July 2016,

    [2] Fraga, Bernard L., et al. “Analysis | Why Did Trump Win? More Whites - and Fewer Blacks - Actually Voted.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 8 May 2017,


    The purpose of the Global Black Caucus is to provide a forum for all DA members to better understand the issues and concerns affecting Black Americans, to help eliminate unconscious bias within the DA membership and in America, to help engage with Black voters living abroad and ensure that their needs are met within the DA community, and, where needed, to advocate for reforms to political issues. We encourage and facilitate Black Americans abroad to engage, become informed, and exercise their voting franchise. 

    Mission Statement

    • To support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic[1]
    • To support the goals and ideals of the Democratic Party and Democrats Abroad
    • To encourage voting in every eligible U.S. election by as many Black Americans abroad and Black Caucus members as possible
    • To advocate on issues of concern to Black Americans
    • To be a voice for U.S. citizens living abroad
    • To support campaigns of Democratic candidates aligned with our interests running for elected office in the U.S.
    • To work with other teams within DA to further our joint goals.


    [1] In these times where assaults on the constitutional rights are routinely taking place and there are many forces who are actively working to call a constitutional convention and change our rights, it is important that every American defend our constitution not just those who work for the government.

    DA Black Caucus Leadership:

    | Global Black Caucus Steering Team
    | Communications Coordinator, Germany - Global Black Caucus Chair
    | UK - Executive Committee (past); UK - Communications Committee; UK - Film Committee; Global Black Caucus Steering Team
    | Greece Chair; Global Black Caucus Steering Team
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    Women's History Month Closes


    With Black History Month behind us and Women’s History month coming to an end, it is an appropriate time to call attention to the intersectional pioneers who deserves more credit than they may have gotten.

    In this past month I have researched a few of the women in the struggle for human rights.  They each have their own story and we do not want those stories to be lost. One common trait they had in common, regardless of their cause or profession, was their burning determination.  I learned a lot from their personal stories and gained a few insights. Most all the women that were reported on, fought for several causes. When slavery was abolished, they demanded the vote and control over their bodies, then them wanted equal rights in the workplace; they did not give up!

    This speaks to the lesson number one; when these women spoke out they become stronger. Activism itself, seemed to generate power and it can become contagious. Diane Nash, the civil rights activist from the 60s, said “There is a power in each of us that we do not realize until we take responsibility.”

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    GENTRIFICATION: Changing Neighborhoods for Better or Worse


     Old build in Olde Towne East, Columbus, OH, an overpopulated, rundown area a decade or two back


    The renovation or removal-and-replacement of older structures is a worldwide phenomenon. This report focuses on gentrification in the US, with local examples drawn mainly from Columbus, OH.

    At its most innocent, gentrification means ‘fixing up neighborhoods and making them attractive,’ the kind of place ‘the gentry’ would like to live.  Who can argue with that?

    Certainly, not the developers rebuilding whole neighborhoods, often with tax rebates as incentives. Nor the bankers. Nor can the architects, construction workers, materials suppliers and truckers needed for the job. Nor the handymen who rehab older homes. The landscapers. The furniture and appliance merchants. The nearby eateries that feed all this activity. Not the passing motorists who note how satisfying it is to see that run-down area get a new lease on life. And certainly not the politicians who approve the plans and whose campaigns benefit from grateful donors.

    In fact, not too many people object to gentrification, even the development-driven kind, apart from the original residents who are uprooted from familiar homes or who, if they manage to stay on, have to adjust to change and new neighbors. The folks who appreciate heirloom architecture, about to be razed for that new condo array, aren’t too happy. And then there those activists who connect the dots.


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    Upcoming Events

    Thursday, May 03, 2018 at 08:00 PM · 15 rsvps
    Moulin des Lapins in Paris, France

    Voting Rights: Past, Present & Future

    The Diversity Caucus is hosting an interactive discussion on voting rights and the institutionalization of minority rule in the United States. Tactics such as voter ID laws, gerrymandering and felony disenfranchisement as well as the constitutional mechanism of the Electoral College have resulted in the winner of the popular vote losing two of the last five presidential elections.

    Given the shifting demographics of the US population, will we see more efforts to suppress voting rights? What is the Democratic Party doing to protect voters? What can we do to fight these tactics? Where do we need to focus our efforts?

    Come out and join our discussion!