Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood

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Feeling Vulnerable Amidst the Chaos


This poem was written for Juneteenth 2020

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Treyvon Martin

Aiyana Jones

Freddie Gray

Natasha McKenna

Sam Dubose

Philando Castile

Terence Crutcher

India Kager

Alton Sterling

Jeremy McDole

Steven Taylor

Walter Scott

Tamir Rice

Akai Gurley

Michael Brown

Eric Garner

Sandra Bland

Jordan Edwards

Botham Jean













Ahmaud Arbery

2.23 miles. Out for a run

Some Georgia boys filled him with bullets

But we don’t learn til two months later bout

This ex-cop vigilante and his son


Breonna Taylor

An EMT. Sleep in her bed

Police rained down a storm of bullets

But no cops have been indicted

They arrested her watchful boyfriend, instead


George Floyd

A man of character and stature

Who stood for something,

Killed on a curb with kneecaps in his neck

The camel’s back was fractured


Land of the free

Built on murder, theft, and rape

Maybe collectively woke up

Said “Now I see it!”

Revolution’s taking shape.


Near and far, the world was sick

But felt the fracture

They ascended like a rapture

Stepped in unison



        Equality don’t come on silver platters

        The world won’t sleep again til Black Lives Matter

Martin and Malcolm Revisited

An Amiable Heart to Heart

Mother, In 6 Tongues by Jasmine Cochran



The Bandit Prowls, The Bandit Hides by Jasmine Cochran

COVID-19 is making its way through the world in silence, leaving destruction in its wake. This poem is for all of us.

Homage by Jasmine Cochran


This land is ours too, because of you 

Your red rivers fertilized the land of the free 

Because, still a stranger, you made home from hell 

And conceived our culture from remnants 


This land is ours too, because of you 

Dreams ascend, fortified with dignity 

Infinite glories our victories foretell 

From fortitude birthed in your descendants

Black Light by Jasmine Cochran






Time and Time Again


Here is our first poem. It is really moving and perfect for times like these.

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