The Trust Mantra

The Trust Mantra


I believe that rainbows appear after the storm

That in times of test loved ones are still the best

That being natural is staying close to nature

That standing up is not a solution for the cowardly

That trust is better than distrust

That love can conquer all

That living with joy is more appealing than the blues

That willpower checkmates all hindrances

That faith can move mountains

That compassion performs miracles

That justice will dismantle inequalities

That patience during trials is recommendable

That believing in yourself is paramount to survival

That black people will one day be truly free

That children should be lovingly cherished

That women should be held up not held back

That men should be honored as admirable equals

That knowledge is better than ignorance

That dancing is good for the spirit

That you are what you constantly think

That kindred souls are preferable to adversaries

That the company you keep defines you

That laws should be constructed to protect citizens

That being kind is kind of great

That loving yourself first is paramount

That giving to the needy protects from selfishness

That being resilient keeps you going strong

That staying grounded helps sustain humility

That laughter is good for the soul

That destiny is what you make it

And you?


Camille Elaine Thomas

October 21, 2021

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