Honeydew Projections



The roots of a family brood lay

In the hopes and inspirations

Of dreams bred invoiced

Determining clan limbs

budding and prospering

Or stagnating while decaying

Kindred folk impart insistence

On hereditary adherence

Staunch values and traditions

Our conscientious cogent caretakers

Of primary childhood profiles

Which we imperceptibly evolve from

Or the training in coping before we do

Those fleeting illusory influences

Where we consider our innate assumptions

Which gives us our strengths and deficits

Trait dynamics primarily detrimental

The teachings that we ferociously consume

Until we are sufficiently strong enough

To separate differentiate and orientate

Those collected experiences into objectivity

Influenced by abstract compassion

And sometimes impatient thirsty love


Camille Elaine Thomas, December 2023