Selfish Politics


I was standing outside

Minding my own business

Taking in the stench of burnt marijuana

Watching the homeless bumming cigarettes

While the street workers loafed

And little children ran wantonly

Amongst each other while giggling insanely

I watched the old, tired women emerge

With bulky bags from the local supermarket

Talking into unseen earphones like aliens

Plodding down the stairs ponderously

Trying not to trip over sordid empty boxes

While the guards stood by and chuckled

Not really giving a damn about anything

I listened to the music blaring from the café

Where numerous office workers had gathered

To beat the cold, the rain, the boredom

Eating pecan pie and drinking from steamy paper cups

Faces engagingly animated with the last office gossip

Their elegant designer garments worn subconsciously

Like proud badges of privileged achievements

I watched while the birds flew around anxiously

Searching for the last grains of soggy edible

Distractions from the incessant traffic blast

Drilling noises from the street constructors

The sirens of speeding police cars blinking

While I kept standing by the open door

Still minding my own business.


Camille Elaine Thomas

December 2023