A Half a Tale

A Half a Tale


She knew she had a story to tell

The words seemed to evade her

Like a song about a harvest for the world

Lyrics and melody in commotion


The pandemic had left her tapped out

All she had was in her large pocketbook

Last week she had sold her old Ford

The living quarters for the three of them


Mary jane is not my name

Double dutch a childhood game

For a quarter and a nickel

You can get a sour pickle


There had been a time long past

When laughter was a daily remedy

Chasing away the daily grievances

Rent money, school fees, insurance


She felt the defenseless pressure

Leaving her senses desolate

Home is where the heart is

But the roof has to be kept


Step on the line

Your mama gets a fine

Take your money back

Fry the spinach black


She waited nervously in line

With her information filled-in form

All she wanted was another chance

A narration to nourish her yearning


There was a highly inebriated man

Yelling in the adjacent line

About what he would do

If he could do what he wanted


Jump up and down

Then do the turn-around

If you ain’t got it

Then it’s time to quit


A baby in a carriage bawling

Children jostling each other

Vying for attention

Which is all anyone wants


Sit in grandma’s rocking chair

Step on a crack if you dare

If you don’t like my baby

Then don’t you say maybe


It was finally her turn

She raised her wrinkled application

Which was greeted by a sullen frown

The testy refusal just a second away


But this time it was different

She was told to go and stand

In an even longer line


She took her request form

Pulled on her heavy handbag strap

And walked quickly to the adjoining line

Her doleful story just had to wait

For another day.


Two for the money

Three for the show

If your mama don’t like it

Then it’s time for your butt to go!


Camille Elaine Thomas

October 20, 2021

Copyright@ All rights reserved