April 30, 2023

April 2023 Global Black Caucus Newsletter

Spring Awakening - Change is Possible!! Democrats Abroad Black Caucus

Message from the Chair

Dear Brothers, SIsters, and Allies,

as the world emerges from the cold grip of winter, the season of spring brings with it a sense of hope and renewal. The thawing of the frosty landscapes and the blooming of flowers symbolize an awakening of life and vitality. It is a time when people are inspired to engage more actively in the world around them, and to participate in the political process. Let springtime serve as a reminder that change is possible, and that with perseverance and dedication, we can make a difference in our country. 

Here are a few thoughts to reflect on:

Awesome moments: 

Bad moments: 

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Love and Light,

Leedonal 'Jazz' Moore

• Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus
• Democrats Abroad Interim Int. Secretary
• DPCA Voting Rep. DACH


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Once Upon a Story ..Once Upon a Story 

-in a PTSD Nightmare


the Bible says to love your neighbors

To turn the other cheek to your enemies

But peace in the valley just won’t come

Who apologizes to the suffering?

Who soothes their fears and nightmares?

Who takes responsibility for counting the dead?

Who tends the graves and tells the narratives?

Stories that we are told to forgive and quickly forget

Stories that we are not allowed to learn about

So, the names of the murdered continue to mount

Is this a new refinement in barbarity? 

Shutting our eyes will not shut out the tormenting reality

Holding our ears will not quell the clamorous screams

Ignoring the truth will not make the disastrous disappear

“An evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things”

Guns in the hands of the wicked

Will only allow the wicked to thrive and survive

Who in the hell wants that?

The wicked?

 Camille Elaine Thomas / April 19, 2023


Another Attack on Black Americans on the Agenda?

The Reparations Task Force headed by Saxony chapter member Antar Keith has alerted the DA Global Black Caucus to a proposal by the US Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to alter its Race and Ethnicity Statistical Standards.The plan is to add a designation "Descendants of Slavery“, which could have a wide-range impact on funding for social programs, political representation. 


"[A]ny big shift in how federal data is collected could result in an undercount of Black Americans in the coming census. In view of the current attacks on ballot access for  this population group and the US legacy of divestment from Black communities, advocates argue that Black Americans can hardly afford any further measures that may strip them of essential resources and voting power. 

Such changes can be viewed as dehumanizing as slavery itself is not an ethnicity, but rather a system of oppression.

Of the more than 40 million Black Americans, the overwhelming majority has not been made aware of this process and, once again, Black citizens are being robbed of their voice.  Black Lives Matter and Black Votes Matter, especially to the Democratic Party, which has seen an unfortunate migration to the Republican Party over the years.

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