March 31, 2023

March 2023 Global Black Caucus Newsletter

Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus: Complimenting Trump?!?

Message from the Chair

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Allies, and Friends, 

Please let’s not forget, it’s not over till it’s over! And until I don’t see Trump standing behind bars in an orange suit, I still believe he can win the nomination and we’ll have a Biden/Trump re-match.

Can we actually learn something from Trump?

In short, yes, we can. 

A compliment for Trump and why we need to take his futuristic proposals seriously: 

Trump often gets the zeitgeist of our nation and, while his prescriptions are perverse, comes up with strong diagnoses. For example, in 2016, while his opponent was referencing some constituents as “deplorables”, he was empathizing with their actual feeling of not making progress. He played to their fears and anxieties and, while he’s an absolute scumbag, they were willing to forgive that because it made him more human, AND because he offered them access to the American Dream for them and their children. He talked about jobs and taking them back to their glory days and recognized that, to the extent, the American Dream became gated by a college degree, most Americans no longer had a key to that gate and to that path.

Fortunately, Joe Biden was the elixir to the Trump Toxin and he was able to connect with and turn out enough voters who recognized Trump’s incompetence and ineffectiveness (those who voted for Trump in 2016 were not making their decision for President on character quality – so that wasn’t a viable solo argument). Biden related and empathized with voters rather than seemingly just tolerating them.

As I shared in our previous Newsletter, I believe Trump will win the nomination and we’ll have a Biden/Trump re-match. As Trump starts rolling out his proposals, we need to be careful not to call the ideas outright crazy and, instead, should be unpacking and reverse engineering them for what diagnosis they’re trying to address.

For example, in his latest Message Box, Dan Pfeiffer included a critique of Trump’s “Freedom Cities” (first covered by Politico in the mainstream media after being released on Right-wing outlets). It’d be easy to call this proposal to dedicate federal land to build new utopian cities crazy. But keep in mind what he’s doing: he’s identifying that many voters (rural, suburban, and urban) feel that cities today (most led by Dems) are expensive, unsafe, dying bastions of lefties who want to live in unpoliced, anarchistic, opioid laced, homeless encampments. Whether or not this is true, the GOP has been successful at embedding this narrative (see NY election results). He’s baiting us into dissing those who desire a better and safer future for themselves and their kids.

Governmental latency: Additionally, he’s taking advantage of governmental latency, where it takes a couple of years before the effects of newly passed legislation positively impact people’s lives. For example, it will likely take a few years for people to benefit from universal broadband access, infrastructure advancements, job training for futuristic jobs, and climate clean-up efforts from the Infrastructure Act, Inflation Reduction Act, and the American Rescue Plan.

Legacy vs. New: All those legislative wins are about upgrading our current systems or building systems on top of legacy systems. He’s proposing what we all want: a new and uncomplicated life. In a fixer-upper, you never know when you might find lead paint or asbestos. In a new home, however, you don’t have those problems. You know what you’re getting!

And lastly, Aryan nation dog whistle: He's also dog-whistling white supremacist scumminess with this proposal – including baby bonds. You too can have a gleaming homogeneous life.

What have you learned that will help us win 2024?

If you have any questions or ideas you would like us to include, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]

Love and Light,

Leedonal 'Jazz' Moore

• Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus
• Democrats Abroad Interim Int. Secretary
• DPCA Voting Rep. DACH


North Carolina Gov’s Race 

More on the North Carolina Gov’s Race with Democratic Attorney General vs. GOP Lt. Gov Mark Robinson: 

It sounds like GroundHog day because, like in PA, we have another Josh (this time Stein) who’s the Atty General in a purple state (this time North Carolina) running to keep the Gov’s seat (especially to counter a Republican legislature) running against a very vocal antisemite, Lt. Gov Robinson – who, despite the title, has very little experience other than being a Trump-backed nutjob. And, good news, Stein is close friends with and taking pages from Shapiro’s playbook. His campaign will be about Competence over Chaos. Again – This Frank Bruni article on the race is excellent: Anti-Gay? Anti-Science? Antisemitic? Run for Governor of North Carolina! Also, here’s an NCLCV Conservation PAC endorsement of AG Josh Stein for Governor, and here is an article with Mark Robinson's latest views on abortion. We know we can win the Governorship in NC and, with this excellent candidate coupled with a horrendous Republican candidate – we have a very very good chance to win. Plus – Stein has already won statewide and been a very effective AG.

Black Twitter: What Do We Lose If We Lose It? 

Watch Jon Favreau (PodSaveAmerica) with Jason Parham 

Watch Here


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