Webinar: Black Women and Activism


Below are the post webinar discussion material and articles for further reading on the topic of Black Women and Activism. If you have an article to recommend on this topic, please contact [email protected]

Post Webinar Discussion Materials

Purpose: These questions and exercises are designed to help you turn this information into strategic, organizing tools.  


  • Have each participant answer each question in turn.
  • Have a scribe capture the information.  
  • Review the answers to each question, take time to see where you agree/disagree/need clarity, etc. Can you create a statement from the information? Are there objectives or goals you can tease out? They don´t have to be definitive (not likely in the first round) but should be a clear starting point.


Think about these questions beforehand, answer as a group after the presentation.

Part I

  • What is activism? What does it mean to you?
  • What is its goal or objective?
  • What can it accomplish?
  • Is activism connected to mainstream politics? If so, how? If not, why? And what might we do to connect them?.

Part II

  • Why do you think you've never heard this history before?
  • How has this information changed your understanding of activism?
  • How will the information inform what you do politically?
  • What next steps can you take as an individual? As a group?

Part III

I would recommend reading through this thorough middle school Civil Rights simulation to find some exercises to do with your group

The Montgomery Bus Boycott: Organizing Strategies and Challenges


Further Reading

Ella Baker, A Political Organizers Organizer



Ella Baker and the Black Freedom Movement



DREAM Act Organizing



Repairers of the Breach



Moral Mondays Campaign

“You can't negotiate until you fight”, Rev. William Barber a leader of the Moral Mondays Movement



Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party



Zinn Education Project



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