Self-Nomination for Hamburg Chapter Chair

A new chapter in American politics will begin in a few days’ time.  The preservation of democratic values will become more important than ever, within the United States and abroad.  As a resident of Hamburg for over ten years, I have been able to watch the city become ever more internationally present.  Home to a few thousand other Americans, Hamburg has a great deal to offer to the US political conversation and the direction of the Democratic Party.

I’m 32, from Philadelphia. My parents and sister live there, while my daughter is a “hamburger Deern”.  Family, friends and my financial career allow me to feel at home on two continents.

Over the past year, I have become actively involved in the Hamburg Chapter of Democrats Abroad Germany, helping out with events such as GOTV and the upcoming March for American Democracy.  These and other events have been part of the Hamburg Chapter’s development during the election campaign.  As Chapter Chair, I want to ensure that that development continues, with more democrats living in Hamburg becoming more involved.  I am also committed to making our presence as Democrats living abroad known.  I believe we can start to achieve this by taking part in the political debate, on issues domestic and international.

I am confident in the people responsible for our Chapter’s successes and their commitment to its future.  It is a Chapter I would be honored to lead, and to which I pledge that same commitment.


Marc James Castagnera
15/01/2017, Hamburg