Candidate Statements for the 2023 DA France Diversity Caucus Leadership Election

The nomination period for the DA France Diversity Caucus elections is now closed. Members of the Diversity Caucus will receive a ballot by email, and electronic early voting will end on March 11 at 12 pm. Attendees of the online election event, which begins at 1 pm on March 11, may vote during the event.

The Election Board is pleased to announce the candidate!



Candidates for Co-Chair

Ada Shen, candidate for DAF Diversity Caucus Co-Chair

Image of the candidate in front of the US Capitol

My name is Ada Shen, and I am running for Diversity Caucus Co-Chair. As Co-Chair, I am committed to building on the work of previous leaders of the DAF Diversity Caucus — one of the oldest caucuses in all of Democrats Abroad globally — in continuing to host meaningful events and discussion of the important issues of these times in which we live. We reach those members of the Black, Hispanic, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Native American caucuses and constituency groups who reside in France. We must grow the engagement of communities of color and the necessary allyship needed to achieve positive political change in US politics — the Diversity Caucus is our mechanism for doing our part from France, and I will do my best to achieve this engagement as we head into 2024. I have served on the Diversity Caucus Steering Committee since 2019, am past National Chair of DA France (2019-2021), and past National GOTV Coordinator (2018-2019). All politics is local, and we have our own role to play from France — urgently and necessarily. If you have comments, questions or ideas, or if you want to help, please email me at [email protected]. Let's get to work! Merci!


All members of the DAF Diversity Caucus may vote in the leadership elections. The elections will be decided by a plurality of votes (the candidate who gets the most votes in the election wins). DAF does not accept proxy votes. The ballot includes a space for write-in candidates for all positions.  

New members are welcome to join and vote. To join: You must be a US citizen 18 years of age or older by Nov. 7, 2023. New members may join up until the day before the election.

Questions? Please contact the DA Diversity Caucus Election Board at:

[email protected]

Thank you for voting!

DAF Diversity Caucus Election Board