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  • Biden-Harris Progress Report #5: At the Intersection of Economic Recovery and Renewable Revolution

    Is the American Jobs Plan an infrastructure plan, economic recovery plan, or the roadmap for a renewable revolution? Join us to learn more about its intention to integrate all three. We will review its legislative status and consider what improvements are necessary to ensure it triggers a revolution more profound than the industrial and digital revolutions for the benefit of all. We also will feature the work of our leading progressive organizations and representatives in guiding us to action. The stakes are very high and the clock is ticking!

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    June 24, 2021 at 7pm
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  • Memorial Day Action Hour


    Memorial Day Action Hour


    Monday, May 31st 18:30-20:30: Join us in a Memorial Day Action Hour so special that we need TWO hours. You'll hear US veterans tell their stories and about who they would like to honor and remember on this day. We’ll also do an action item together to help our military and veterans. Co-sponsored by DAF Grenoble, Marseilles, Brittany, Veterans and Military Families Caucus and DA France. 


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    Honoring the Fallen: Laying Wreaths…





    Memorial Day will again be different this year. There will no public gatherings at the ABMC cemeteries in France, but DA France will still be honoring the men and women who lost their lives during WWl and WWll.


    Wreaths will be sent for the private ceremonies around France to be performed by the cemetery staff at: the Lafayette Esquadrille Monument and in Suresnes, Belleau Wood, Oise-Aisne, Meuse-Argonne, St. James, St. Mihiel, St. Avold, Draguignan, the American Legion Mausoleum, Epinal, La Somme. The Toulouse Chapter will be honoring the two OSS Commandos downed during WWII in the Tarn.  The Normandy Chapter will be sending a wreath on June 6th. We would appreciate any contribution for the wreaths: Donate link.

    After the ceremonies, the wreaths will then be placed on the graves of women and those from the African American, Asian American, Native American and Hispanic American communities. At the Belleau Wood and Oise-Aisne cemeteries, there will be a guided tour on May 31st and June 1st. If anyone is interested, please let us know.





    There's a rose that grows in no-man's land

    And it's wonderful to see

    Though its sprayed with tears, it will live for years

    In my garden of memory


    It's the one red rose the soldier knows

    It's the work of the Master's hand

    'Neath the War's great curse stands a Red Cross nurse

    She's the rose of no-man's land


                                                        By Jack Caddigan / James A. Brennan

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