March 16, 2023

Welcome to Our Newly Elected Chapter and Caucus Leaders

Welcome to our newly elected Chapter and Caucus leaders!

Our 2023 leadership elections in the Chapters and Caucuses have just taken place. Welcome to all our new leaders!

Here are our new Chapter and Caucus leadership teams:


Chair: Jack McDermott
Secretary: Dennis Shibut

Chair: Jamie Perosi-Doughty
Secretary: Virginia Coulon
Treasurer: Trudy Hoffmann Bolter
Communications Officer: Paola del Carmen Flores

Chair: Gregory Sadlek
Vice Chair: Aimee Johansen
Communications Officer: Philippe Argouarch
GOTV Coordinator: Tanya G. De Menou Chacon
Member at Large: Alan Compagnon
Member at Large: Francoise Rolland

Chair: Hannah Mauger
Vice Chair: Gretchen Pascalis
Secretary: Jennifer Mellgren
Treasurer: Jesse Bernstein
Member at large: Laurence Badault

Chair: Dori Schwartz-Laboune
Vice Chair: Catherine Coolidge
Secretary: John Matthews
Youth Coordinator: Logan Savage
Communications Officer: Coraline Crannell
Member at Large: Betty Beeler
Member at Large: Lindsey Robrecht
Member at Large: Diane Sklar

Chair: Aaron Ambeau
Vice Chair: Susan Fitoussi
Communications Officer: Thembi Costa
Member at Large: Philip Breeden
Member at Large: Heather Etchevers
Member at Large: Joel Luboff
Member at Large: Karen Wildau

Co-Chair: Anna Tyberg
Co-Chair: Kevin Erwin
Vice Chair: Angelique Voltaire
GOTV Officer: Shamille Wrather

Chair: Judith Crews
Vice Chair: Maïté Penna
Communications and Social Media Officer: Debra Burke
Member at Large: Rebecca Grossberg
Member at Large: Julie Hanson Scherrer
Member at Large: Ann-Marie Peloski Poncet
Member at Large: Nancy Raff
Member at Large: Marjorie Simpson-Rousseau

Chair: Juan Cerda
Vice Chair: Kate Barrett
Secretary: Ada Shen
Communications Coordinator: Edna Ayme-Yahil

Chair: Ronny Rubin
Vice Chair: Robert Levitt
Secretary: Cynthia Adams

Chair: Steve Meszaros
Vice Chair: Barbara Wells
Secretary: Vivianne Beller
Treasurer: John Czechanski
Communications Officer: Johanna Meszaros

Chair: Scott Stroud
Vice-Chair: Gina Granelli
Treasurer: Rebecca White Boldonado
Member at Large: Maria Clemow
Member at Large: Judith Winchester-Ware
Member at Large: Béatrice Monthioux
Member at Large: Suzette Tanis-Plant
Member at Large: Celia Mazy


Chair: Ada Shen

Chair: Fred Hoffman
Secretary: Laura Pascal

Veterans and Military Families Caucus:
Chair: Anna Marie Mattson
Secretary: Tilly Gaillard
Social Media Officer: Susan Fitoussi
Member at Large: Gretchen Pascalis

Co-Chair: Shelley Bradford-Bell
Co-Chair: Gretchen Pascalis

Co-Chair: Mallory Boyd
Co-Chair: Sally Richardson
Communications Officer: Ricky J. Marc
Communications Officer: Liam Schradie
Events Officer: Mariamne Everett
Events Officer: Queenie Lam
Political Engagement Officer: Max Dunitz
Political Engagement Officer: Sarah Kasha