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We are one of the largest country committees of Democrats Abroad - the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. We are a volunteer-based organization with a presence across France.

Our mission:   To provide Americans living in France a voice in our government and to elect Democrats by mobilizing the overseas vote.

Our Chapters: Wherever you are in France, there is a chapter with events for our members. Click on a link to find your local chapter: Avignon, Bordeaux, Brittany, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille, MontpellierNormandy, Paris, Riviera, Strasbourg, Toulouse.

Our Caucuses: We have several active caucuses that focus on specific progressive issues/groups:

Our activities: These range from monthly get-togethers, lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, and guest speakers to political rallies and marches!  And more…

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DA France Leadership:

Ada Shen
| DAF National Chair
Jonathon Holler
| DAF Vice Chair
Meredith Wheeler
| DAF Vice Chair (Chapters Liaison); DAF-Toulouse Member-At-Large
Max Dunitz
| DAF Database & IT Manager
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    On July 12th, “Lights For Liberty” became the latest movement to demand a more humane and just US immigration policy, and to end the politics of fear and cruelty promoted by the Trump Administration. In the US and around the world, thousands gathered in protest in front of detention camps, in public vigils, or showed support on social media via a virtual vigil by lighting candles in recognition of the inhumane conditions under which immigrants are being held in detention within the US, and to demand that the US government #CloseTheCamps.  

    The pointless policy of cruelty of family separations — the youngest child only 4 months old —  which began two years ago has not ended. This shameful President continues to lie about it. This is a manufactured humanitarian crisis, one that has not made America safer, has done nothing to fix our broken immigration system, and which treats as criminals some of the most vulnerable people in the world: refugees. 

    The vigils and protests of last Friday are over.  The nightmare that these detained immigrants are living each and every day has not ended.  We were visible on July 12th and we need to stay visible. We cannot look away.  

    Here is a concrete action that we all can take: 

    • Call your Members of Congress:

    Use this script to contact your Senators and your Representative. We are asking that they close the camps; stop funding for detention and deportation; and to right the wrongs that have been committed against these immigrants and refugees.

    In 2020, we all need to vote to take back the White House, to take back the Senate, to keep the House… and to win as many state and local elections as possible. Only then can we end this nightmare. Please join Democrats Abroad, and encourage your American friends who live abroad to join DA as well. Stay tuned as we continue to fight the good fight.

    Continue reading to see photos of our DAFrance vigils and our own giant collage of images gathered from social media.

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    Join the Lights for Liberty Vigils in France - July 12th

    In solidarity with Lights for Liberty, Democrats Abroad France will hold live and virtual vigils on July 12th, 2019 when mass gatherings will take place at detention centers and in local communities across the US.

    We abhor, repudiate and protest the policies of the current administration that have lead to the inhumane conditions under which immigrants and refugees (including children separated from their caregivers) are being held in the United States of America.


    "We are a coalition of people, many of whom are mothers, dedicated to human rights, and the fundamental principle behind democracy that all human beings have a right to life, liberty and dignity.

    We are partnering with international, national, regional and local communities and organizations who believe that these fundamental rights are not negotiable and are willing to protect them."








    Use this script to contact your Senators and your Congressperson --> You will also find links to know who are your members of Congress and how to contact them.

    Read more for information on joining our global virtual vigil!

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    Upcoming Events

    Tuesday, July 23, 2019 at 07:00 PM · 16 rsvps
    Relais Odeon in Paris, France


    Another popular regular monthly meeting with Jean-Pierre LaRochelle at the helm.  Political updates, discussion and food and drink if you'd like.

    Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 11:30 AM


    Join us at 11h30 on Sunday, 15 September for a tour of the historic district of Mers-les-Bains in Picardy followed by lunch at beachfront restaurant Les Mouettes featuring a discussion of the Democratic candidates. RSVP to