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We are one of the largest and oldest country committees of Democrats Abroad — the official Democratic Party arm for the millions of Americans living outside the United States. We are a volunteer-based organization with a presence across France.

Our Mission: To provide Americans living in France a voice in US politics back home, and to help elect Democrats by mobilizing the overseas vote.

Our Chapters: Wherever you are in France, there is a chapter with events and community for our members. Click on a link to find a local chapter:













Our Caucuses: We have five active caucuses that focus on specific constituencies:

Our DPCA Voting Representatives: The DPCA Voting Delegation of DA France is tasked with the responsibility of carrying our twelve DPCA votes and weighing in on matters of our global organization Democrats Abroad, (officially, the Democratic Party Committee Abroad, or DPCA) such as Global elections, DNC elections, Charter Amendments, and Resolutions, and other business of our state party. The members of the DA France DPCA Voting Delegation are:

  • Danielle Follett, National Chair
  • Max Dunitz, National Vice Chair
  • Gretchen Pascalis, National 2nd Vice Chair
  • Ada Shen, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Jerry Zellhoefer, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Camille Canter, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Juan Cerda, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Connie Borde, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Alex Rehbinder, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Meredith Wheeler, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Ricky Marc, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Marjorie Bernstein, DPCA Voting Rep
  • Susan Fitoussi, DPCA Voting Rep (Alternate)

To contact DA France's DPCA Voting Representatives, please use this email address: [email protected]

Our Activities: These range from monthly get-togethers, lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, and guest speakers to political rallies and marches!  And more…

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Get Involved! Open to all US citizens living in France who identify with the Democratic goals, and want to help elect more and better Democrats in US elections!

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Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

DA France Leadership:

Danielle Follett
| National Chair, DA France (DPCA)
Max Dunitz
| National Vice Chair, DA France (DPCA)
Gretchen Pascalis
| National Second Vice Chair, DA France; Grenoble Chair, Interim; DPCA
Alejandra Roman
| National Secretary, DA France; Secretary, Toulouse
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  • News

    Welcome to Our Newly Elected Chapter and Caucus Leaders

    Welcome to our newly elected Chapter and Caucus leaders!

    Our 2023 leadership elections in the Chapters and Caucuses have just taken place. Welcome to all our new leaders!

    Here are our new Chapter and Caucus leadership teams:


    Chair: Jack McDermott
    Secretary: Dennis Shibut

    Chair: Jamie Perosi-Doughty
    Secretary: Virginia Coulon
    Treasurer: Trudy Hoffmann Bolter
    Communications Officer: Paola del Carmen Flores

    Chair: Gregory Sadlek
    Vice Chair: Aimee Johansen
    Communications Officer: Philippe Argouarch
    GOTV Coordinator: Tanya G. De Menou Chacon
    Member at Large: Alan Compagnon
    Member at Large: Francoise Rolland

    Chair: Hannah Mauger
    Vice Chair: Gretchen Pascalis
    Secretary: Jennifer Mellgren
    Treasurer: Jesse Bernstein
    Member at large: Laurence Badault

    Chair: Dori Schwartz-Laboune
    Vice Chair: Catherine Coolidge
    Secretary: John Matthews
    Youth Coordinator: Logan Savage
    Communications Officer: Coraline Crannell
    Member at Large: Betty Beeler
    Member at Large: Lindsey Robrecht
    Member at Large: Diane Sklar

    Chair: Aaron Ambeau
    Vice Chair: Susan Fitoussi
    Communications Officer: Thembi Costa
    Member at Large: Philip Breeden
    Member at Large: Heather Etchevers
    Member at Large: Joel Luboff
    Member at Large: Karen Wildau

    Co-Chair: Anna Tyberg
    Co-Chair: Kevin Erwin
    Vice Chair: Angelique Voltaire
    GOTV Officer: Shamille Wrather

    Chair: Judith Crews
    Vice Chair: Maïté Penna
    Communications and Social Media Officer: Debra Burke
    Member at Large: Rebecca Grossberg
    Member at Large: Julie Hanson Scherrer
    Member at Large: Ann-Marie Peloski Poncet
    Member at Large: Nancy Raff
    Member at Large: Marjorie Simpson-Rousseau

    Chair: Juan Cerda
    Vice Chair: Kate Barrett
    Secretary: Ada Shen
    Communications Coordinator: Edna Ayme-Yahil

    Chair: Ronny Rubin
    Vice Chair: Robert Levitt
    Secretary: Cynthia Adams

    Chair: Steve Meszaros
    Vice Chair: Barbara Wells
    Secretary: Vivianne Beller
    Treasurer: John Czechanski
    Communications Officer: Johanna Meszaros

    Chair: Scott Stroud
    Vice-Chair: Gina Granelli
    Treasurer: Rebecca White Boldonado
    Member at Large: Maria Clemow
    Member at Large: Judith Winchester-Ware
    Member at Large: Béatrice Monthioux
    Member at Large: Suzette Tanis-Plant
    Member at Large: Celia Mazy


    Chair: Ada Shen

    Chair: Fred Hoffman
    Secretary: Laura Pascal

    Veterans and Military Families Caucus:
    Chair: Anna Marie Mattson
    Secretary: Tilly Gaillard
    Social Media Officer: Susan Fitoussi
    Member at Large: Gretchen Pascalis

    Co-Chair: Shelley Bradford-Bell
    Co-Chair: Gretchen Pascalis

    Co-Chair: Mallory Boyd
    Co-Chair: Sally Richardson
    Communications Officer: Ricky J. Marc
    Communications Officer: Liam Schradie
    Events Officer: Mariamne Everett
    Events Officer: Queenie Lam
    Political Engagement Officer: Max Dunitz
    Political Engagement Officer: Sarah Kasha




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    Candidate Statements for the 2023 DA France National Leadership Election

    The DA France Election Board is pleased to announce the candidates for the DAF national leadership!

    As a reminder, the 2023 National Election and Annual General Meeting will take place on April 1, 2023 starting at 1PM. Click here to RSVP and register to vote at the April 1st meeting.

    All members of Democrats Abroad France will have the option to vote early or absentee. This online ballot will be sent out via email 7 to 10 days prior to the election on April 1.

    Missed the Candidate Meet & Greet? View the replay here.



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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, April 01, 2023 at 02:00 PM Paris Time · 107 rsvps

    2023 DA France National Elections and Annual General Meeting

    Democrats Abroad France 2023 Annual General Meeting

    Our 2023 AGM will take place on Saturday, April 1 from 2 - 5 PM, both online via Zoom and in person in Paris at the American Church. The AGM is a time to come together with other Democrats from around France, to hear about our achievements of the past year, elect our new national leadership team, and gather our forces for the future.

    Please RSVP by March 30, 2023 to be registered to vote at this meeting. 

    Join us for the biennial election of the National Democrats Abroad France (DA France) Officers and Voting Representatives. The national elections and meeting will be held on April 1, 2023 online via zoom and in person beginning at 2 PM. We will hear candidate speeches and elect a new Leadership team for Democrats Abroad France, hear about how DA France will continue its important work on US elections and political engagement heading into the 2024 election. For those who wish to participate online, the zoom information will be provided upon rsvp. 

    More information on the roles and responsibilities can be viewed here.

    Candidate statements can be viewed here.

    View the agenda here.


    All members of Democrats Abroad France are welcome to attend and vote in the DA France National Officer and Voting Representative Elections on April 1. You will have an opportunity to hear from the candidates themselves prior to the close of voting and final tabulation of results. All members wanting to vote at the meeting are asked to register to vote by virtue of RSVP for this meeting, below, on or before March 30th -- this allows the DA France Election Board to prepare the voter rolls on the day of the meeting.


    All DA France members also have the option to vote early via an online absentee ballot made available to them via email, from 7 to 10 days prior to the election until 5PM on March 30th. This is to encourage member participation from all across France even if they cannot attend the meeting on Election Day. As a result, no nominations from the floor will be allowed. 

    If you elect to vote via the Early Vote/Absentee Ballot, you will not be able to vote in the same election a second time even if you attend the Election Meeting. However, in the event of ties, the DA France Election Board may elect to conduct snap Run-off Elections to break ties, time and other conditions permitting, at their discretion. In such a case, all members of DA France who have RSVP'd for the meeting by March 30th and in attendance at the Election Meeting, will be allowed to vote in any Run-off Elections. Absentee voting will not be an option for snap Run-off Elections since they will be conducted at the Election Meeting. RSVP below to register to vote on Election Day, April 1.

    To join Democrats Abroad, please go to You must be a US citizen 18 years of age or older by Nov. 7, 2023 and reside in France.

    Sunday, April 02, 2023 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 26 rsvps

    Books Abroad April Discusses Lessons in Chemistry


    Books Abroad, The Global Women’s Caucus feminist reading group, has an original, unexpected, funny, sad, tragic book to propose for its April 2nd meeting: Lessons in Chemistry.

    This runaway international publishing, reader, and critical success cleverly tells the story of Zott, a woman chemist, thwarted at every step of her life by sexism. The book is both thought-provoking and touching. (I cried at the end!)

    Here is the story of a female scientist in 1961, prevented even from getting her Ph.D., prevented from using her intelligence for science, for the common good, by the system, constantly and willfully misunderstood.

    “Zott is a catalyst,” says Bonnie Garmus, the author. “She’s actively breaking and creating new bonds. And that is chemistry at its most basic.”

    There is a lot to talk about: feminism, history, science, religion, the author’s style, an attempt at magic realism, and many other ideas and points.

    The book exists in paperback and can be ordered from Amazon or your preferred bookseller. A few used copies, in good condition, can perhaps be found on Momox.


    Join us on Zoom on Sunday, April 2, 2023, at 10 am ET, 4 pm CET. RSVP to Receive the Zoom link. 


    Location  Event Start Time
    Vancouver, Canada           07:00 PDT
    San Jose, Costa Rica        08:00 CST
    Washington DC, USA          10:00 EDT
    London, United Kingdom      15:00 BST
    Frankfurt, Germany          16:00 CEST
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates 18:00 GST
    New Delhi, India            19:30 IST
    Bangkok, Thailand           21:00 ICT
    Beijing, China              22:00 CST