Welcome to Democrats Abroad Paris!

DAF-Paris is a Chapter of Democrats Abroad France, representing those US Democrats living in the Paris/Île de France region. Our activities include voter assistance and education, member meet-ups to discuss political issues and varying topics, lectures, debates and panel discussions, film screenings, parties and special events. 

The new Paris Chapter Executive Committee members are:

  • Reed Kennedy, DAF-Paris Chair
  • Meagan Lopez, DAF-Paris Vice Chair
  • Skander Chabbi, DAF-Paris Treasurer
  • Kate Barrett, DAF-Paris Secretary
  • Marissa Burkett, DAF-Paris Communications
  • Lisa Ramos, DAF-Paris Events
  • Didier Moutou, DAF-Paris Outreach (GOTV & Database/IT)

Reed Kennedy, Chapter Chair
Democrats Abroad Paris

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DA Paris Leadership:

Meagan Lopez
| DAF-Paris Vice Chair
Reed Kennedy
| DAF Diversity Caucus Co-Chair; DAF-Paris Chair
Kate Barrett
| DAF-Paris Secretary
Skander Chabbi
| DAF-Paris Treasurer
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  • News

    Paris Outreach Candidate Didier Moutou

    My name is Didier David Moutou, and I am running for DAF Paris Chapter Outreach Manager. 

    I hail from "bean town", aka Boston, but I have been working in the Paris area for the past 12 years. On a personal level I am married with two awesome kids, and am an information technology professional during the day, and an audio mastering engineer at night.

    One of our key duties as citizens is to ensure that we have a functioning and lasting democracy where all votes are counted and the voices of the weakest are heard as loud as those of the strongest.

    As an IT director I have helped many organizations and companies improve their outreach to their customers or audience through the efficient use of digital tools. 

    I am running for the Chapter outreach manager with the simple but clear goal of improving the voter registration and voter turnout of Americans living in the Paris/Ile de France region. 

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    Paris Communications Candidate Jill Hamilton Brice

    My name is Jill Hamilton-Brice and I’d like to be considered for the position of Chapter
    Communications Coordinator for DAF Paris.

    I’m an American living and working in Paris since 2006. I’m a mom to two fabulous kids and
    married to a Frenchman.

    I grew up in upstate New York and lived in Chicago and NYC, two Democratic strongholds,
    for many years. My parents are registered Democrats, and I am also a lifelong Democrat.

    I have an MA in Communications, worked for 10 years with global consulting
    firm Accenture, and later with brand consultancy Interbrand. I’ve experience with a
    variety of communications capacities, from copy writing to brand strategy, messaging to
    social media planning. I was Vice President of Public Relations for Message for 5 years.

    Like you, I was and am horrified as to what has happened to our democracy since this last
    presidential election.

    I’m keen to do more than rage tweet about the abysmal state of affairs — to be the change
    that I want to see. I hope to bring energy and a fresh voice to this position, to collaborate
    with other like-minded people and organizations to advance the cause.

    I respectfully ask for your vote.

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    Upcoming Events

    Friday, May 24, 2019 at 06:00 PM · 30 rsvps
    Wine O' Clock in Paris, France

    Meet & Greet the Paris Executive Committee

    Join the new Paris Executive Committee for Happy Hour to celebrate the creation of the new chapter, meet other like-minded Americans, and learn more about Democrats Abroad events and initiatives in the Île de France region.