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Interested in supporting a Democratic Primary candidate from France? You can connect directly with candidate campaigns and local supporter groups near you. We will be updating this page regularly — if you know of a group that you think should be added here, please let us know at

Note: This information is provided as a service to Democrats Abroad France members, and is available on an equal basis to all US Democratic Presidential Primary candidate supporter groups in France. Inclusion on this list does not constitute endorsement or any preference on the part of Democrats Abroad France. 


Americans Abroad for Mayor Pete 


Tel: +33 (0) 6 29 55 47 10

  • To Add Pete Buttigieg's name to the DA Global Presidential Primary Ballot: Sign the petition here
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France for Bernie

Website: › France-for-Bernie-2020

Facebook: France for Bernie 2020




Tom Steyer 2020


Facebook: @OfficialTomSteyer

Twitter: @TomSteyer



France for Elizabeth Warren 2020


Facebook: France for Elizabeth Warren 2020




YangGang Abroad

Facebook: YangGang Abroad


Telephone: +33 (0) 6 21 91 69 49


Remember: you can support your favorite primary candidates by signing all their Candidate Petitions, which will help make sure their names appear on the DA Global Presidential Primary Ballot. To find out more about Democrats Abroad's Global Presidential Primary to be held March 3-10, 2020, see here. Stay tuned to the DA France News blog for more information regarding how members in France can participate and vote. 

Paris Outreach Candidate Didier Moutou

My name is Didier David Moutou, and I am running for DAF Paris Chapter Outreach Manager. 

I hail from "bean town", aka Boston, but I have been working in the Paris area for the past 12 years. On a personal level I am married with two awesome kids, and am an information technology professional during the day, and an audio mastering engineer at night.

One of our key duties as citizens is to ensure that we have a functioning and lasting democracy where all votes are counted and the voices of the weakest are heard as loud as those of the strongest.

As an IT director I have helped many organizations and companies improve their outreach to their customers or audience through the efficient use of digital tools. 

I am running for the Chapter outreach manager with the simple but clear goal of improving the voter registration and voter turnout of Americans living in the Paris/Ile de France region. 

Paris Communications Candidate Jill Hamilton Brice

My name is Jill Hamilton-Brice and I’d like to be considered for the position of Chapter
Communications Coordinator for DAF Paris.

I’m an American living and working in Paris since 2006. I’m a mom to two fabulous kids and
married to a Frenchman.

I grew up in upstate New York and lived in Chicago and NYC, two Democratic strongholds,
for many years. My parents are registered Democrats, and I am also a lifelong Democrat.

I have an MA in Communications, worked for 10 years with global consulting
firm Accenture, and later with brand consultancy Interbrand. I’ve experience with a
variety of communications capacities, from copy writing to brand strategy, messaging to
social media planning. I was Vice President of Public Relations for Message for 5 years.

Like you, I was and am horrified as to what has happened to our democracy since this last
presidential election.

I’m keen to do more than rage tweet about the abysmal state of affairs — to be the change
that I want to see. I hope to bring energy and a fresh voice to this position, to collaborate
with other like-minded people and organizations to advance the cause.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Paris Communications Candidate Marissa Burkett

My name is Marissa Burkett and I would like to submit my candidacy for the position of Communications Coordinator at Democrats Abroad France - Paris Chapter. Though new to France and DAF, I have several years of experience developing communication strategies and marketing plans, and particularly in leveraging social and digital campaigns. Furthermore, I have a BBA in Marketing, and a MBA, along with experience in filmmaking and graphic design, which are useful in communications. I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage with disenfranchised voters by bringing the discussion back to core issues, particularly in the youth demographic. To accomplish this, I hope to work with national and global teams on the design of a communications strategy that promotes two-way discussion, allowing expats to engage with the DAF, and motivating them to involvement. I aim to primarily focus on the underlying characteristics that attracted us originally to the Democratic party, such as a passion for equality and social justice, and less on our mutual disgust for the opposition. If elected, I would be honored to serve the party as the Communications Coordinator and vow to devote all of my skill and effort on unseating the current President.

Paris Events Candidate Lisa Ramos

My name is Lisa Ramos and I am running for DAF Paris Events Coordinator. I have lived in Paris since 2009, speak French, and have been lucky to be a part of this very special and vibrant Democratic community. I have attended DAF events with US activists, helped to phone bank New Jersey for Sen. Cory Booker, and made calls for Mike Espy’s Mississippi Senate Race. At a recent Diversity Caucus event, I saw people of different ages and backgrounds coming together and benefiting from the ideas presented by the film “Latino: The Changing Face of America.” As Event Coordinator, I would be honored to support more events like these for the greater community.

Previously, I worked for U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's re-election campaign in 1998 as a fundraiser, and executed special events for other Democratic candidates and politicians. I also coordinated large-scale multi-city events for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. I know the effort that goes into coordinating things, people, and negotiating schedules, venues and vendors. I would be excited to lend my support to the new leadership of Paris in the capacity of Events Coordinator. Thank you for your consideration.

Paris Secretary Candidate Kate Barrett

My name is Kate Barrett, and I would like to submit my candidacy for the position of Secretary of the DAF Paris Chapter.

I am a Seattle transplant, living in France since 2011. Currently a project manager at RATP Group, I have been passionate my entire adult life about the importance of public services in providing equal opportunity and access to all members of society, regardless of means or background.

I joined DAF in 2016 to help fight the erosion of democratic norms and institutions in the US. Today I am eager to take this commitment to fairness and social justice further by contributing directly to the effectiveness of DAF Paris’s new organization in the lead-up to the 2020 elections.

As a member of Indivisibles-France and DAF, I have like many of you participated in numerous resistance efforts, from GOTV with Postcards to Voters, to the 2017 Women's March, to the March for Our Lives in 2018. It would be an honor to lend my organizational and communication skills to the DAF Paris chapter, and to serve in the role of Secretary.

Paris Treasurer Candidate Skander Chabbi

My name is Skander Chabbi, and I am a quasi-permanent absentee voter from Maine. I have lived nearly all of my life abroad so far, except for a relatively short stay in the United States while in college.

I have lived in several foreign countries before residing in France where I am currently employed in the field of finance. This continuous exposure to multiple international cultures has enriched my perceptions of political issues and helped frame my mindset over the years, mostly in contradiction to the direction that current U.S. leadership has undertaken.

With this background, I have also been a front row witness to the global financial crisis and its long lasting negative impacts, deepening inequalities of course but also raising ever more polarizing questions on the kind of society we want to live in.

I have never been actively involved in politics. However, given the last presidential election results and the intensifying global turbulences, I feel, like many, that involvement in any way is necessary in preparing the next elections. I believe that I can start by being of help in strengthening DA’s organization, and therefore submit my candidacy for the position of Treasurer of DAF Paris.

Paris Vice Chair Candidate Meagan Lopez

I am Meagan Lopez, and I would be honored to be your Vice Chair for the Paris Chapter of DAF. In December, I left the New York Times as their Global Digital Business Director to start my own independent media consultancy. I have lived abroad for nine years, but, like most of you, feel a strong sense of duty to our nation in its time of great need. I became a director for a ground-breaking creative arts therapy program for survivors of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. There, I have seen up close our nation’s gun violence epidemic — and I have also seen how a community of people united can turn toxicity, fear and violence into a demand for action and positive change.

NOW, more than ever, is the time we must do just that.

It is imperative that we maximize our voices and votes as Democrats Abroad in Paris, that we fight for justice and the issues that affect us all. We must take our country back. My priorities are climate change, women’s issues, gun regulation, fair taxation for expats, and ensuring that Democrats win in 2020. Let’s do our part. Thank you!

Paris Vice Chair Candidate Amy Below

My name is Amy Below and I’m running for Vice Chair of the Paris chapter of Democrats Abroad France.

I have served the DAF community as an elected national Member-at-Large; Chair of the DAF Education Policy Group; Co-Chair of the DAF Paris Steering Committee; and by creating, organizing and delivering last year’s popular 6-part DAF American Government Seminar Series. I was also instrumental in arranging for David Byrne’s 2018 tour to liaise with local chapters of Democrats Abroad / Vote from Abroad to register voters in more than 10 European cities, including shout-outs by Mr. Byrne during each show. I’m all about looking to achieve our goals in new and creative ways.

We have serious work ahead of us. The current administration has sought to restrict the rights and freedoms of all Americans and could seek to further restrict our specific rights as Americans abroad. It has never been more essential to fight for the democratic- and Democratic- ideals that we believe in.

If elected Paris Chapter Vice Chair, my focus will be to devote my energy, effectiveness and creativity to building the Paris Chapter of DAF into an increasingly active, engaged and powerful community of voters.

Thanks a lot!

Paris Chair Candidate Reed Kennedy

My name is Reed Kennedy. I am running for Chair of the newly formed Paris chapter of Democrats Abroad France (DAF) because I am excited to help build the movement to engage and energize progressive voters here in Paris. I feel I have the experience to leverage the history of DAF combined with the skills and vision to focus on the future.

Since 2017 I have served as a Member-At-Large of the Executive Committee, Co-Chair of the Diversity Caucus and as a member of the Paris Chapter Steering Committee. In each of these roles I feel I have made a meaningful contribution.

I am particularly proud of my work with the Diversity Caucus, where I have expanded our membership through improved outreach and events. We have had great success bringing together people of every ethnicity for political discussions, film screenings, happy hours and our MLK tribute at the American Church.

For me DAF has proven to be an amazing platform to sound our collective political voice from afar. I would like to build upon my experience and continue serving the organization as Chair of the Paris chapter. I appreciate your consideration and vote.