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    Meet the 2021 Toulouse Leadership Candidates

    The nominations period for the Toulouse Chapter Leadership Elections has now closed. The candidates for Toulouse Chapter Leadership are listed below.

    All members of Democrats Abroad France Toulouse Chapter may vote in the Toulouse Chapter Leadership elections. Due to restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus, all voting will take place on line March 1-6. Toulouse chapter members will be sent a link to their ballots by subsequent email.

    Election results will be announced at the DA Toulouse Chapter Annual General Meeting on March 7th at 5 p.m., which will be held via Zoom.

    New members are welcome; to join Democrats Abroad, go to https://www.democratsabroad.org/join You must be a U.S. citizen living overseas and at least 18 years old at the time of the next federal election.

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    DA Toulouse will run its Leadership Election the first week in March, and will end at the Chapter's Annual General Meeting on March 7,  2021. 

    The nominations period for candidates is now open and will close on February 12th.  Below is a description of the responsibilities and roles of the various positions:

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