We are a diverse, friendly, politically active community of U.S citizens who are Democrats living in the Aix-Marseille region of France.  Our chapter conducts activities which are in-person when possible and also participates in on-line local, country and global events and actions.   We have learned that we can be quite effective in both ways. 

Democrats Abroad made a significant difference in the results of the 2020 elections (including in the Georgia run-offs) and our chapter played a big part, particularly in the Get Out the Vote programs.  We are looking forward to continuing this work as we head toward critical midterm elections where the balance of power in the Senate will be at stake in the face of major voter suppression efforts by Republicans in almost every state.

Our members organize events (from social gatherings to discussions of the status of organized labor or violence against women and the ERA).  We also participate in Democrats Abroad events which include visits from members of Congress and the Cabinet (some of whom are past DA members).  We have received a special “thank you” visit from the Chair of the Democratic Party and had speakers from around the globe as well as around town.  

Democrats Abroad has 8 major Caucus Groups and we have Aix-Marseille Chapter members active with all of them (LGBTQ+, Youth, Progressive, Veterans and Military Families, Hispanic, Asian/American Pacific-Islander, Black and Women’s).   We collaborate with the local US Consulate as well as businesses and educational institutions.  

As often as possible we try to commemorate or celebrate an American holiday together – from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day and we are frequently privy to discussion of history, books and cultural trends and issues which often bring new meaning to these holidays. 

There are countless ways to become involved and to benefit from membership in Democrats Abroad.  We encourage you to join us and explore the many opportunities to make a difference for yourself and for all Americans. Contact us with any questions our join now @  

Susan Fitoussi – Chapter Chair

Democrats Abroad Aix-Marseille

Email - [email protected]

DA Marseille Leadership:

Susan Fitoussi
| DAF-Marseille Chair
Hugh Aaron Ambeau
| DAF-Marseille Vice Chair
marnie delaney
| Chair - Global Disability Caucus and Violence Against Women Task Force -----Global Women's Caucus Steering Committee-- Medicare Portability Task Force
Philip Breeden
| DAF-Marseille Member at Large
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  • News

    THE LONG SHADOW - Watch the film here!

    Our Chapter hosted its first hybrid Event April 23rd in Aix en Provence

    Director Frances Causey has graciously given us a permanent access to view her film


    The Long Shadow follows former CNN Senior Producer, TED contributor, and Emmy-Award winning Director Frances Causey as she traces her family’s legacy of white supremacy and privilege, investigating her own ancestor—a Founding Father whose critical role in the creation of American laws kept slavery and later the Black Codes and Jim Crow—a core element of American society for centuries to come.

    Director Frances Causey and Producer Sally Holst passionately seek the hidden truth and the untold stories of how the United States of America—guided by the South’s powerful, racist political influence—steadily, deliberately and at times secretly, established white supremacy and privilege in our institutions, laws, culture and economy.

    Our nation’s shameful past continues to impact every aspect of American life today but particularly in the African-American community which continues to pay a heavy price in their heroic struggle for equality.

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    Guided Walking Tour of the Panier

    Our Chapter hosted an exceptional Event June 4th, a Guided Walking Tour of the oldest neighborhood in Marseille Le Panier!
    Our tour guide Robyn was delightful and we learned plenty of Marseillais history !

    thank you to all who participated !


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    Upcoming Events

    Sunday, July 03, 2022 at 12:00 PM Liquid error: undefined method `day' for nil:NilClass Paris Time · 20 rsvps
    JARDIN DU PHARO in Marseille, France

    Sunday July 3rd picnic in the park

    We are happy to announce another DA Aix Marseille Event!

    This time let’s celebrate the 4th of July !

    We propose Sunday July 3rd picnic in the park

    At the Jardin du Pharo

    Boulevard Charles Livon
    13007 Marseille


    Join us at Le Jardin du Pharo as of 12 pm

    under the shade of the trees near the children’s playground

    There is no limit to how many people can attend so please bring your family friends dogs and smiles!

    All are welcome there are no fees involved

    (Details to follow for those who RSVP)

    See you then and don’t hesitate to ask if any questions and/or help needed

    Susan Fitoussi – [email protected]


    Tuesday, July 05, 2022 at 07:00 PM Paris Time · 5 rsvps
    Zoom in Paris, France

    Political Forum

    Join Political Forum host Jean-Pierre LaRochelle and leaders of Democrats Abroad France in a free-wheeling discussion of current events and news of the month, and share your views with other attendees. Send your questions to [email protected]