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DA Marseille is a chapter of DA France, the official country committee for US Democrats living in France. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch. If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Marseille, please contact us.

Pamela King, Chapter Chair 

Democrats Abroad Marseille

DA Marseille Leadership:

Pamela King
| Chair, Marseille Chapter
Richard Harrison
| Vice-Chair, Marseille Chapter
Karen Wildau
| Treasurer, Marseille Chapter
Susan Fitoussi
| Secretary, Marseille Chapter
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    Meet our 2019 Leadership Candidates!

    The period for DAF Marseille Chapter Executive Committee nominations has now closed.

    The DAF Marseille Elections Board is pleased to announce that the Marseille Chapter ExCom Candidates of 2019 are as follows:

    Marseille Chapter Chair

    Susan Fitoussi

    What I bring to the table –

    Organizational skills, punctuality, bilingual and enthusiasm

    About me!

    Born in Los Angeles California 1962

    I am the third child born of first-generation parents with European origins.

    I left the USA when I was 24 and have lived abroad since.

    I have been living in Marseille for 26 years.

    I work in a huge multi-mega international shipping company. The nice part of this is that I work in a multi-cultural environment.

    I am a single Mom with 2 children that are now independent and married.

    Why I am a Democrat –

    I believe in Universal Health Care – Equal Rights and Environmental Consciousness.

    The Democratic Party represents the values I believe in.

    Why I’m running for this position –

    I have been a member of our chapter since it was created.

    Meeting local Americans and helping them register to vote is certainly one of the most important roles I can play as an American living abroad today!

    We have a great team and I hope to continue working together to organize wonderful events that will bring our community together and most importantly ‘Get out the Vote”!

    What I hope to contribute?

    I would like to bring more members to the chapter and do what it takes to get them more involved.


    Marseille Chapter Vice-Chair

    Joel Luboff

    I’m Joel Luboff, and I wish to run Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad France – Marseille. I have been a member of Democrats Abroad for over 25 years and have served on the Executive Committee as a member at large for the past two years. I would like to increase my efforts to support local actions to maintain interest and enthusiasm for getting out the vote among expats in the Marseille and Aix area, and the Vice Chair position would provide an excellent opportunity for me to do so. I am particularly interested in supporting actions of Democrats Abroad in the areas of income and wealth concentration, immigration, and more equitable tax treatment for ex-pats.


    Marseille Chapter Secretary

    Pamela King

    More than ever, we need to support the Democratic Party today. It is our best defense against a disappointing and dangerous administration in Washington D.C. Democrats Abroad is particularly well-organized and on the frontlines of the party’s efforts to uphold the civic values of fairness, equality and democracy. Action is needed now, especially when it comes to Getting Out The Vote and getting more Democrats in office. I would therefore be honored to be able to continue serving on the Executive Committee of the Chapter that I co-founded in 2008.


    Marseille Chapter Treasurer

    Karen Wildau

    I offer myself as a candidate for treasurer of our chapter. I have served in that post for the past two years. Before that, I served on the Executive Committee for a number of years. I have lived in Aix for nine years but have never lost my interest in American politics and in doing what I can to push the Democratic policy agenda. I believe it is important to let American politicians know that even though we live abroad, we care deeply about our country, its leadership and its policies and WE VOTE. Before I retired to France, I was a lawyer for over 37 years. Before that, I was a congressional assistant to Congressman Don Edwards, from California, a leader on the House Judiciary Committee. I have always been interested in politics and government and was active in those pursuits while I was a lawyer in Atlanta. I would like to see more people from our chapter get involved and will work to try to accomplish that goal.


    Marseille Chapter Member at Large

    Philip J. Breeden

    After serving my country as a U.S. diplomat for almost 30 years, I moved to Aix en Provence in 2014 where I teach and help administer an American school – The Institute for American Universities. This experience, and my previous post as Consul General in Marseille, has brought me into regular contact with many members of Democrats Abroad in the region. It would be a privilege and honor to join them in promoting one of the central pillars of any democracy – voting by as many citizens as possible. This is all the more important given the current troubled, chaotic and misguided leadership of the United States. It is vital we all contribute to making sure it ends in 2020, so that we can return the United States to a more responsible role in the world. It is in this spirit that I offer my candidacy as Member at Large. 


    Marseille Chapter Member at Large

    Judy Godfrey

    I offer myself as a candidate for member at large of our chapter. I have lived in Aix for 40 years but have never lost my interest in American politics. I believe it is important to let American politicians know that even though we live abroad, we care deeply about our country, its leadership and its policies.

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    Chapter Elections - Call for Candidacies!

    Our actions happen thanks to the strong efforts of a vibrant team. With Democrats taking over the House of Representatives in 2019, we must keep the momentum of our voices being heard loud and clear.

    Our work abroad has a big impact on US elections! And we can do more.

    The time has come again for our own, Democrats Abroad France – Aix-Marseille Chapter’s Executive Committee elections.

    We are officially calling for candidates for the following positions:

    • Chair
    • Vice-Chair
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Up to six members at large

    Please take the time to consider the possibility of dedicating time to our Executive Committee for a two-year term. If you have questions about the roles and responsibilities of these positions, please respond to this email and we will get back to you.

    All of us can do something no matter how big or small to support our party. Our volunteers each contribute what they can, and this is what makes our team so special. We hope that you’ll show your enthusiasm and support.

    In order to successfully organize these elections, we are establishing a deadline for reception of candidacies. To have your name on the ballot, thank you for submitting the following before March 1st 2019:

    • your name
    • the position you wish to run for
    • a brief statement of your interest (150 words maximum) just expressing why you'd like to join the team!

    Your candidacy submission can easily be done by sending it to our Election Officer:

    Janice Nagourney:

    So please mark on your calendar the date our elections will formally be held: March 30th 2019. We will make an event of it with a film projection of the play, Ann – a portrait of Ann Richards, the legendary governor of Texas – in Aix-en-Provence. Click here for more information:

    This will be a great opportunity to meet other members, as we are a diverse and talented community!

    Voting will also be possible electronically, and by post.

    We hope many of you will submit your candidacies for our new ExCom. More than ever, we need to act now to keep the momentum going! Joining the Aix-Marseille Chapter team is a rewarding way to do so.

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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, March 30, 2019 at 03:00 PM · 3 rsvps
    La Mado in Aix-en-Provence, France

    Chapter Elections and Film Projection of the play, "Ann"

    Come vote for your Chapter's ExCom in person. Bring your ID. Meet other Dems and enjoy a projection of the play, Ann, about the famous Texas governor Ann Richards. Our member Jim Lovell, who worked with the Governor for many years, will introduce the film.