September 17, 2015


Welcome to the AIX MARSEILLE Democrats Abroad chapter of Democrats Abroad France !

We are a diverse, friendly, politically active community of U.S citizens who are Democrats living in the Aix-Marseille region of France. Our chapter conducts activities which are in-person when possible and also participates in on-line local, country and global events and actions. We have learned that we can be quite effective in both ways in educating our members and non members about their voting rights as Americans Abroad.

Our Leadership team organizes events (from social gatherings to discussions of the status of organized labor or violence against women and the ERA).  We also participate in Democrats Abroad events which include visits from members of Congress and the Cabinet (some of whom are past DA members).  We have received a special “thank you” visit from the Chair of the Democratic Party and had speakers from around the globe as well as around town.  

As often as possible we also try to commemorate or celebrate an American holiday together – from Thanksgiving to Memorial Day and we are frequently privy to discussion of history, books and cultural trends and issues which often bring new meaning to these holidays. 

Democrats Abroad have 8 Global Caucus Groups and we have Aix-Marseille Chapter members active with all of them (LGBTQ+, Youth, Progressive, Veterans and Military Families, Hispanic, Asian/American Pacific-Islander, Black and Women’s). 

2023 showed that Democrats are strongly motivated to turn out and vote, even in an “off” year. Dems won one critical election after another: flipping the Virginia House of Delegates to blue, re-electing a Democratic governor in Kentucky, adding abortion rights to the Ohio constitution, and increasing Democratic majorities in New Jersey.

Our task in 2024 will be to build on that energy, and help Democrats win big in November. Thanks to you, Democrats Abroad are ready to make that difference. 2024 also marks the 60th anniversary of Democrats Abroad!

Join us to help celebrate this remarkable moment in history and keep riding the blue wave!  

Request your absentee ballot for the 2024 Election. Do it early, save time, and ensure you vote in November. 

Use this link:

Ask for your ballot to be delivered by email.

If you need help, you can email [email protected]or for live in-person help on Zoom, click here.

Thanks for requesting your ballot early!

Susan Fitoussi – Chapter Chair

Democrats Abroad Aix-Marseille

Email - [email protected]