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Welcome to the Lyon chapter of Democrats Abroad France!

We are Americans located in Lyon by job, by marriage, by birth, by love of things French and for many other reasons.  We all share a tug back to the USA and for that reason we organize political and social events around current trends in American life. 

We regularly march to protect the earth from climate change and to support LGBTQ rights and culture.  One of our largest events last year was a tribute to the young lives cut short by the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school shooting.  This year's largest event was a seminar on American ex-pat tax requirements.  

As we move into the primary and presidential election season, we plan events to educate our membership on the candidates and the issues.  

Democrats Abroad Lyon does all we can to help every American in the Lyon area participate in the vote from abroad process.  Perhaps, most important, we provide a forum for liberal and progressive Americans to voice their opinions and support each other in today's fraught political climate.

You can find our Events and News here on the Democrats Abroad website as well as on our Facebook page.  

We would be interested in hearing your ideas. Please feel free to contact us!

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DA Lyon Leadership:

Diane Sklar
| DAF-Lyon Chair
Julie Shapiro
| DAF-Lyon Vice Chair
Kelly Blunt
| DAF-Lyon Secretary
John Matthews
| DAF-Lyon Treasurer
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    Debate Watch Party

    In temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, members of DA Lyon sought refuge at Tech Noir, a funky air-conditioned bar in the artist quarter of Lyon. There we watched 2 nights and 20 candidates worth of Democratic primary debates and played debate bingo that captured pithy expressions like “hard-working Americans”, “billionaires” and “reproductive health care”.  

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    Lyon Soldiers on with Pride Parade Despite Torrential Downpour

    The Lyon Gay Pride March was called for 2pm on June 15.  At 2:15pm there was lightning, thunder and the skies over Bellecour opened up with a violent storm. The march never left the city square where it began.  About 20 intrepid members DA Lyon, 

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    Upcoming Events

    Sunday, September 27, 2020 at 03:00 PM Paris Time · 3 rsvps

    DA Lyon Book Club: Federal Jobs Guarantee

    In a previous discussion we considered Andrew Yang’s case for a universal basic income (UBI) as a possible solution to keep people safe, prevent job loss and maintain incomes. Now we propose a discussion around another possible solution: A federal jobs guarantee. Proponents of a federal jobs guarantee say it would provide Americans with the option of a dignified job with living wages and full benefits, bend the economy towards racial and economic justice, tackle poverty and discrimination, and gear work towards community needs such as care and efforts to fight climate change. But how would this work? Who would implement this? Is there political will to get it done?

    To prepare for the discussion, you can watch this video for a European academic perspective. 

    For an American perspective, you can read Pavlina R. Tcherneva’s new book The Case for a Job Guarantee which enumerates the many advantages of the Job Guarantee over the status quo and proposes a blueprint for its implementation within the context of the Green New Deal.  For an overview of the book in Q&A format, see this site.