February 19, 2023

Candidate Statements for the 2023 DA France Grenoble Leadership Election

The DA France Grenoble Election Board is pleased to announce the candidates for DAF Grenoble Chapter leadership!

Members of the DAF Grenoble Chapter area will receive a ballot by email. Early voting will end on March 5 at 7 pm. Alternatively, you may vote in person at our election during the in-person chapter elections event on March 6, 2023, from 18h30-20h30: go here for more information and to RSVP.  For questions, please contact the Grenoble Election Board at [email protected].

Candidates for Chair

Hannah Mauger, candidate for Chair of the Democrats Abroad Grenoble chapter

I am running for Chair of the Democrats Abroad Grenoble chapter because it is important for me to be involved in U.S. politics as an American living abroad. I have participated in events with the Democrats Abroad since 2020 when we organized the Global Presidential Primary. Despite the Covid lockdowns, we were able to continue with the online voter registration and Get Out the Vote in 2020. I have experience as the Treasurer and Social Media coordinator for the Grenoble chapter. If elected as Chair, I would like to use my event planning experience to organize events for the Grenoble chapter and continue to reach out to Americans in the region. I see the group as a way to connect with other Americans living abroad with the goal of enacting change in the United States. In particular, seeing the Supreme Court’s troubling decision recently regarding health care and women’s rights, I think it is especially important to stand up for our rights. We have a vibrant international community in Grenoble, and the Democrats Abroad is a way to make our voices heard as Americans living abroad.

Candidates for Vice Chair

Gretchen Pascalis, candidate for Vice Chair of the Grenoble chapter

I’m a founding member of the Grenoble chapter and have been involved in Democrats Abroad France for over a decade. I am currently serving as Chair of the Grenoble chapter. I have had several terms in this role, and it's time for me to pass on this position to someone new. I will help our Chair with their responsibilities, particularly using Nationbuilder to create events and send out e-mail blasts. I will represent Grenoble at Excom meetings when the Chair is not available. In short, I’m ready to support the new Chair in any way they need. As I live and work in Savoie, I would like to work on creating a subchapter in this area, and to work with the Geneva chapter of Democrats Abroad Switzerland.

Candidates for Member-at-Large

Laurence Badaul, candidate for a Member-at-Large position of the Democrats Abroad Grenoble chapter

I am applying for a Member-At-Large position in the Grenoble Chapter for Democrats Abroad because I am determined to prevent someone like Trump taking power again, and to advance policies that ameliorate some of the gross inequalities that exist in American society. Being a Member-At-Large of Democrats Abroad is, I believe, the best way for me to achieve this goal. On a personal note, I have taught English at the University of Grenoble for the past 25 years. Prior to that, I lived and worked both in Boston and Washington DC as an English teacher and a theater performer. I am very outgoing and consider myself a good team player, a quick learner and a detail-oriented person. I believe that all these qualities would be an asset for me and my colleagues as a Member-At-Large. In addition, I retired two years ago and so have ample time to devote to any activity that is required of me.

All members of the DAF Grenoble Chapter may vote in the leadership elections. The elections will be decided by a plurality of votes (the candidate who gets the most votes in the election wins). DAF does not accept proxy votes. Since there is an early online voting process, nominations from the floor during the in-person election event will not be accepted. The ballot includes a space for write-in candidates for all positions.  

New members are welcome to join and vote. To join, click here: www.democratsabroad.org/join. You must be a US citizen 18 years of age or older by Nov. 7, 2023 and living in the Grenoble Chapter region. New members may join up until the day before the election.

Questions? Please contact the DA France Grenoble Election Board at 

[email protected]

Thank you for voting!

DAF Grenoble Chapter Election Board