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Actions of Potential Interest*

  • Letter Writing: "Red Hill Water Security," via Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi
    The U.S. Navy’s Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility leaked 27,000 gallons of fuel from a single tank in January 2014. However, this was not the only leak in the Red Hill facility’s long history—records show that the facility has leaked at least 180,000 gallons of fuel since construction in the 1940s. This fuel was released into the surrounding environment, including the primary drinking water resource for metropolitan Oʻahu, which lies just 100 feet below the Red Hill facility. Despite complaints from their own families and neighbors of oily sheens in their tap water, overwhelming diesel-like fumes, and widespread health problems, Navy leaders insisted for days that the water was not contaminated. In the weeks following, the Navy’s response continues to be lacking in urgency and now they are contesting the emergency order calling for the defueling of the tanks for the safety of Oʻahu’s people and environment.
  • Petition: "Our Kids Deserve The Truth," send to State Legislators, via ParentsTogether
    Kids should be learning to think critically in school - and to understand the full history of our country, even the painful parts.
    Our politicians should be focused on helping students and teachers who are still struggling with fallout from COVID--rather than punishing teachers for speaking the truth.

  • Petition: "Federal Recognition for the Duwamish Tribe," via change.org
    The Duwamish are the First People of present-day Seattle, and are the original stewards of this land. Since time immemorial, the Duwamish Tribe has maintained their ancestral home in traditional, sustainable ways for the benefit of all. Seattle is built upon and thrives on the lands of the Duwamish People, and the City still carries the name of the Tribe’s most well-known leader, Chief Si’ahl (Seattle).
    Chief Si’ahl of the Duwamish and Suquamish Tribes of Indians was the lead signatory of the Treaty of Point Elliott in 1855, and that agreement has never been invalidated. Yet the U.S. Government has continually failed to give the Duwamish People their rightful recognition.
    Federal recognition does not create a tribe, but honors the government-to-government relationship between tribes and the United States. It is also vital to protecting the cultural integrity of the Duwamish People.

  • Donate: "Help for Afghanistan Refugees," via CNN and Public Good
    As the Taliban increases their grip in Afghanistan, thousands of civilians continue to flee their homes fearing retribution, persecution, and general chaos. The refugee crisis there is still taking shape amid growing desperation and uncertainty. Relief workers are scrambling to help. CNN's Impact Your World has compiled a list of 20 vetted organizations accepting donations to assist in this crisis. You can make a donation that will be split amongst all the organizations, or you can make individual donations to specific organizations, all at the link above.

  • Petition and Letter Writing: "Stop Line 3," StopLine3.org
    Residents of the Great Lakes should not be forced to assume risks for a project that is economically unviable in the long-term and serves no clear public purpose. Further, the oil pipeline’s impacts on the economy, natural resources, and public health, and its violations of Indigenous rights, are unacceptable.

    If you scroll further down the page, you can also personalize and send a letter to Jaime Pinkham of the Army Corps of Engineers, calling for a full federal environmental impact statement to assess threats to treaty rights, water protection, and climate. 

  • Petition: "Public Petition to Attorney General Merrick Garland," ERA Coalition
    We are urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to take the immediate action of directing his Office of Legal Counsel to withdraw the January 6, 2020 opinion memo from the Attorney General Barr Department of Justice. Sign the petition to add your voice!

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