Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland
Mountain in Arosa, Graubünden, Switzerland by W. Bulach licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Democrats Abroad Switzerland is the official country committee for U.S. Democrats living in Switzerland.

We strive to help Americans connect with fellow citizens living across the 26 Cantons of the Swiss Federation and remain active in U.S. politics. Living in a unique nation of expats in which resident foreigners comprise 23% of the population, Democrats Abroad provides a vital social and political link for American citizens staying for a short period as well as those here for the long-term.

Our mission is to deliver critical votes for Democrats in U.S. Federal elections, as well as serving as unofficial U.S. ambassadors, communicating global perspectives to Washington D.C. and our hometowns and Swiss communities.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events – we have events planned throughout the year and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

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DA Switzerland Leadership:

Kelli Brouillet
| Chair, Switzerland
Vance White
| Vice-Chair, Switzerland
Elizabeth Voss
| Secretary, Switzerland. DPCA Voting Rep.
Meli Hughes
| Treasurer, Switzerland
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  • News

    Zurich Chapter Invites Committee Nominations

    The Zurich chapter of DA Switzerland will hold its Annual Chapter Meeting on Saturday June 22, when we’ll elect our new Chapter Committee. We seek candidates now, to stand for the four committee positions of Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

    DA Switzerland and the Zurich Chapter have a long history of helping many Americans vote from abroad, working to build a broad member base, and hosting different events to increase community and socio-political knowledge among Americans in the Zurich region.

    Let’s continue this journey together as an active chapter. There will be plenty of opportunities for any member to get involved over the course of this year and the 2020 Presidential Election year. If you are motivated to take a leadership role in getting out the American vote in Swiss Germany, please consider running for a Chapter office! Details about the Annual Chapter Meeting with elections will be announced ASAP.

    The four committee positions  are described below. Each officer is elected for a two-year term. To nominate yourself or someone else, please write the Zurich Chapter Nominations Committee at: zurich-elections@democrats.ch. Include the name, address, telephone number and email address of the candidate, plus the position desired and a brief statement of intent. Nominations should arrive by end of Saturday, June 1st and will be publicized the first week of June; later nominations will be less publicized to voters.

    If you are interested in volunteering now but not in seeking a position, please don’t hesitate, contact Liz Voss, DA Switzerland Secretary at secretary@democrats.ch.



    • Lead, mobilize, and encourage current and new Zurich chapter members
    • Oversee and coordinate the business functions of the chapter
    • Report as necessary to the national committee
    • Ensure that the core work of the Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer is accomplished
    • Create & appoint other positions as necessary for effective functioning of the chapter
    • Represent DACH-Zurich as a member of the DACH Executive Committee (ExCom), and report to the ExCom on chapter activities
    • Hold regular meetings, direct the activities of DACH in this region of Switzerland and keep members informed about activities and events
    • Contribute to DACH fundraising and ensure all activities are conducted in compliance with FEC and campaign finance laws, as established by the ExCom
    • Coordinate with other leaders & volunteers to assist the event managing & fundraising activities of the chapter
    • Coordinate with DACH GOTV for membership and voter outreach in the Swiss regions where no chapter is yet established.


    • Assist the Chair in all Zurich chapter activities
    • Partner with the Chair to take on some of his/her responsibilities
    • Work with the Chair, leadership team, and volunteers to assist the event managing & fundraising activities of the Chapter
    • Substitute for the Chair when needed
    • Attend DACH ExCom meetings in the absence of the Chair
    • Participate in key discussions and decisions as part of the Leadership Team.


    • Distribute meeting agendas, take minutes of all meetings and distribute to the Chapter Committee and DACH ExCom
    • Maintain files and administrative records of the chapter (Google Drive)
    • Manage and maintain the Zurich Chapter membership and volunteer lists in coordination with the DACH Secretary. This may require training on the DA database
    • In collaboration with event organizers and any respective committee members, ensure event publicity (social media, DACH website, print, etc)
    • Work to boost DACH Zurich’s social media presence in collaboration with appropriate committee members or event organizers
    • Participate in key discussions and decisions as part of the leadership team
    • Assist the leadership team and chapter volunteers in event managing & fundraising activities.


    • Manage the cash needs DA Zurich in agreement with the Zurich Chair and the DACH Ex-Com Treasurer
    • Maintain accurate financial records and make financial reports as required
    • Ensure all financial matters conform to local rules and regulations as well as to those of the FEC and campaign finance laws of the United States
    • Educate the Zurich chapter members on financial compliance guidance for Democrats Abroad
    • Participate in key discussions and decisions as part of the leadership team
    • Assist the leadership team and chapter volunteers in event managing & fundraising activities.

    To nominate, or for further information, write: zurich-elections@democrats.ch.

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    Nominees for Geneva Chapter Committee 2019-2021

    On April 1 the Geneva Chapter's Nominations Committee issued a call for candidates to serve on the new Chapter Committee. We are now pleased to announce the nominees as listed below. At the Annual Chapter Meeting elections on May 7, further nominations will be accepted from the floor, and encouraged for the open secretary and treasurer positions. We invite all Geneva/Vaud members of DA to attend the annual meeting, meet the nominees and vote, and plan for the coming two years and presidential election with the new committee. 

     Candidates are listed here according to office, in the same order the offices will be elected at the ACM.  

    Nominated Candidates

    Office: Chair (1)

    Two years ago, I was asked to take the leadership of the new Geneva chapter of Democrats Abroad Switzerland. I must admit, I did so with some reluctance – although I, like so many other Americans, felt compelled to get more involved in civic activities after the 2016 presidential elections, I wondered if I was the right person to be in charge of such an important undertaking. And then I realized that it was not an undertaking I would assume alone. I was right. Together, all of us, the many dedicated people who volunteered their time, talents and money, helped bring the Geneva chapter to fruition, with special events, speakers, book group discussions, voter registration drives, and meetups where we just sat and talked.
    Now as we begin the next two years of existence as a formal chapter, we’re looking toward another presidential election, one in which we have the chance to correct the grave injustices that have been brought upon our country by a man that I believe to be the worst president in American history. We in Democrats Abroad have an important part to play in that decision, and we need to make our voices heard. I ask you to give me a chance to help in that mission by electing me for a second term as chair of the DACH Geneva chapter.
    Over the last two years, we have been able as a chapter to build a sense of camaraderie and connection to the elections and other issues impacting us as Americans and have worked diligently as part of the country and global DA committees to educate voters abroad of their rights to vote while living outside the country. We will continue to do so in the lead up to November 2020 by continuing to reach out to potential members, to raise funds for use in global primaries and voter registration, and to encourage current members to stay connected to the process through attendance at local and national events and membership in one or more of the DA caucus groups. Our efforts paid off handsomely in 2018. Together, we can do the same in 2020.

    Office: Vice-Chair (1)

    The harsh wake-up call of 2016 has driven home that we cannot take anything for granted. I never thought I would see our democracy as fragile and battered as we see it now. Living in Geneva made me unsure about what I can do from afar, until I discovered Democrats Abroad. DA has helped me connect with other Americans, stay more deeply informed about the realities and issues that our country faces, and inspired me to act from abroad. Collectively, Americans who vote from abroad can make a real difference!
    I personally really appreciate our book club, where we help each other critically examine and articulate ever more clearly what we stand for and why it matters now more than ever, so that we can reach out here and back home to our communities and make our case.
    As Vice-Chair for the Geneva Chapter, I look forward to supporting our Chair in organizing events that keep us informed and connected with other concerned citizens, and that keep us actively engaged in our political processes. 

    Office: Secretary (No nominee)

    Office: Treasurer (No nominee)

    The Nominations Committee thanks those engaged members who have stepped up to serve, and hopes to see a large gathering at the election meeting on May 7. For any questions, comments or to nominate yourself or someone else, please write the Committee at geneva-elections@democrats.ch

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    Upcoming Events

    Friday, May 24, 2019 at 10:30 AM
    Munsterplatz in Basel, Switzerland

    DA Basel at the Climate Strike

    DA Basel is proud to support the Climate Strike! Strike with us! We're meeting in front of Tibits at Stänzlergasse 4 at 10:30 before heading over to the strike at Munsterplatz.

    Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 11:00 AM
    ISB Aula in Reinach, Switzerland

    DA Basel at ISB's International Festival

    DA Basel will be at the ISB's International Festival! Stop by and say hi. Learn more about our upcoming events and activities in support of American's living abroad. Find out how you can join and how you can help!