May 13, 2023

Meet Your New Executive Committee

Democrats Abroad Switzerland held our 2023 Annual General Meeting on Sunday, January 15th. Among all the business completed, our new Executive Committee was elected.

Subsequently, we have had an Extraordinary General Meeting and all chapters have had elections as well. Our full slate of leaders is as follows:

Office Name Email Address
Chair Tory Mallett [email protected]
Vice Chair David Heaps [email protected]
Secretary Callie Harvey [email protected]
Treasurer Peter Butterfield [email protected]
Member-at-Large Michael Williams [email protected]
Member-at-Large Jeremy Dick [email protected]
Member-at-Large Jennifer Shore [email protected]
Member-at-Large Alex Surer [email protected]
Immediate Past Chair Eric Burns [email protected]

DPCA Representatives

Role Name Email
DPCA Voting Representative Liz Voss [email protected]
DPCA Voting Representative Jeremy Dick [email protected]
DPCA Voting Representative Apolonio Huerta [email protected]
DPCA Voting Representative Callie Harvey [email protected]
DPCA Non-voting Representative Pete Kaiser [email protected]

Zürich Chapter

Office Name Email
Chapter Chair Apolonio Huerta [email protected]
Chapter Vice Chair Joe Amato [email protected]
Chapter Secretary Judy Brown [email protected]

Basel Chapter

Office Name Email
Chapter Chair Liz Voss [email protected]
Chapter Vice Chair Vivian Beetle [email protected]
Chapter Secretary Kristen Jafflin [email protected]
Chapter Member-at-Large Olivia Eggenberger [email protected]

Suisse Romande Chapter

Office Name Email
Chapter Chair Emily T. Blitz [email protected]