Joe Amato

Vice Chair, Zürich Chapter

I was born and raised in Queens, NYC and left in the early 1980s to work in international schools in Caracas, Bangkok, Tokyo, and Zurich (for the last 21 years). I have been a Biology and Geography teacher as well as an International Baccalaureate Coordinator. As of the summer 2020, having reached the age of 65, I am now retired.

My work for DACH over the past 2 years has mostly been in the area of voter outreach which I have enjoyed immensely. It has been interesting to learn about the specifics of voting overseas for each of the 50 states and possessions and a great pleasure to help American voters who live in Switzerland with this information. 

As the Republican party continues to veer towards an organization steeped in fiction and fantasy,  where truth and facts are no longer relevant, we must do all we can from our base here in Switzerland to maintain and hopefully to increase the Democratic majority in the senate and house. This starts with state governments where election laws are enacted and voting districts are determined. Some states allow overseas voters to vote in local elections. November 2022 is right around the corner, let’s get ready and help Joe Biden’s progressive array of bills become ratified by the US congress. Historically, Democrats have not done well in mid-term elections after a newly elected democratic president has taken office. This is a source of concern.

I now serve as the DACH Zürich chapter Vice Chair and am eager to broaden my involvement with DACH to include other activities in addition to voter outreach.

You can email me at [email protected].