You Voted, and the Results are In!




# of Votes


% of Total


# of Votes


% of Total

Biden 299 30.92% 9,059 22.66%
Bloomberg 25 2.59% 892 2.23%
Buttigieg 25 2.59% 616 1.54%
Gabbard 2 0.21% 146 0.37%
Klobuchar 10 1.03% 224 0.56%
Patrick 0 0% 26 0.07%
Sanders 448 46.33% 23,139 57.87%
Steyer 0 0% 19 0.05%
Uncommitted 0 0% 48 0.12%
Warren 157 16.24% 5,730 14.33%
Yang 1 0.10% 85 0.21%


967 100% 39,984 100%

Based on the global results, Democrats Abroad will be sending 9 delegates to the Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders, as well as 4 delegates for Joe Biden. None of the other candidates reached the 15% threshold required to receive a delegate.

If you are interested in running to be one of the delegates representing Dems Abroad at the DNC this July, the information on how to run, as well as the application form, are available here.

Voting Methods


  Email Votes Postal Votes In-Person Votes Total Votes
Basel 89 3 83 175
Geneva 259 22 84 365
Lugano 20 5 2 27
Zurich 261 17 113 391
Unassigned 2   7 9
Total 631 47 289 967


  Switzerland Global
Remote Voting (Email/Postal/Fax) 70.66% 63.63%
In-Person Voting 29.34% 36.37%

Increased Participation


  2016 2020 % Increase
Switzerland 768 967 25.91%
Global 34,570 39,984 15.66%

Democrats Abroad Switzerland, COVID-19, and the Global Presidential Primary

At this time, Switzerland has imposed a ban on public events attracting more than 1,000 attendees. Although interest in the GPP is high, we do not expect that many attendees in any one center at one time. As such, currently we are going ahead with our GPP events as planned.

However, if you are concerned about your health, you are welcome to take advantage of our remote voting option.

Please use your best judgement regarding your own health and that of others; stay home if you feel sick or are more at-risk of severe illness. If you choose to attend a GPP event, great! We are looking forward to helping you cast your ballot!

**Please note that our GPP landing page will be updated as necessary, alerting you to any changes in our Global Presidential Primary Voting Center operations in Basel, Geneva, and Zurich.**

**You can find the official Democrats Abroad statement regarding COVID-19 here.**

SwissPats: Helping Americans Rock Their Vote

In early February, Liz Voss (DA Switzerland Vice Chair) and Kristen Jafflin (DACH Basel Vice Chair) visited Don and Suzi at SwissPats to discuss all things Democrats Abroad: the upcoming Global Presidential Primary,, volunteer and social events, and the General Election in November 2020.

You can listen to this episode of the podcast here, or wherever you listen to your other podcasts.

In the interview, Suzi asked about opportunities for non-Americans to get involved. Liz and Kristen both made some suggestions on the spot, but it's always easier to click a link than remember a URL. With that in mind, here are some suggestions for people to get involved in US politics, whatever their nationality and wherever they live: Any US citizen living outside of the US can use this site to register to vote and/or request their ballot. This should be done every year!
(And as mentioned in the podcast, anyone can help an American register to vote or request their ballot and for most states, the process can be completed with a smart phone, a piece of paper, and a blue or black pen.)

Join Democrats Abroad: Any US citizen living outside of the US who is 18 or older can join Dems Abroad. We have members living in over 190 countries around the world who vote in every state and Congressional district in the US.

Dems Abroad Switzerland: This is the homepage for our country committee and has a wealth of information about our GPP, our leadership, our chapters, and our upcoming events.

Be a DA Switzerland volunteer: Democrats Abroad can only accept cash donations from US citizens, but we can have volunteers from any country!

A Year of Living Better: How to Participate in Politics: This New York Times article has many ideas on how to participate in US politics in the US or from abroad, some being applicable to non-US citizens.

Postcards To Voters: Sign up to send postcards to voters in the US.

Text Banking: Several text banking options that allow you to text US voters.

Places to donate/get involved/register to vote in you're a US citizen living in the US:

  • Vote Save America: A wide-ranging repository of political information from Crooked Media, the minds behind Pod Save America and other podcasts.
  • Fair Fight: The organization that Stacey Abrams founded after the mismanaged 2018 gubernatorial race in Georgia. They promote fair elections around the US, encourage voter participation in elections, and educate voters about elections and their voting rights.

We are looking forward to interacting with more Americans and concerned world citizens throughout this election season!

Let's Get Candid About the Candidates!

You may have noticed our event series that kicked off last week in Geneva: Let's Get Candid About the Candidates! Vance White, our new Chair, is traveling around the country holding these discussion groups so that members can advocate for their Presidential Primary Candidate of choice or maybe come to a decision about who they want to vote for, if they've been having trouble deciding in such a wide field.

A reporter from the Aargauer Zeitung attended the Geneva event and wrote an excellent summary, which you can read in German here, or an English translation is available below.

We have two more Candid Candidate events lined up in Zurich and Basel; we hope to see you there!
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DACH Needs A New Secretary; Could it be You?

Due to unforeseen circumstances, DA Switzerland will need a new ExCom Secretary starting in mid-January. Liz Voss, our current secretary, will still be on the ExCom but in a different role; she will be available to train you and guide you through the secretarial duties! If you think you might be interested, please contact her at

A PDF version of this job description is available here.


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DACH Leaders in the Birthplace of Democracy

DA Switzerland had six in-person attendees, pictured above. From left to right: Meli, Vivian, Farid, Tory, Kelli, and Liz.

From October 11 - 13, Democrats Abroad leaders and volunteers from countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa gathered in Athens for our 2019 Regional Meeting.

We took in the sights around the city, ate some truly delicious food, networked... And oh yeah! We brainstormed together and shared strategies from our country committees on how to find members, get them registered to vote, motivate new and existing volunteers, and win big in 2020!

This was my third regional or international DA meeting, having previously attended the EMEA regional meeting in Madrid and the Global AGM in Tokyo. By far, my favorite part of these meetings is getting to meet other motivated Democrats from around the world and hear what works for them back in their local chapters and country committees. Some of their ideas can be implemented here in Switzerland, but due to cultural and logistical differences, not every tactic works in every country. Getting to brainstorm ideas with people who have so many different backgrounds and experiences enables us to come up with creative solutions we might not have reached otherwise.

Additionally, many of our members are experts in their field. We had an excellent presentation in Athens by Brady Kiesling called Defending Democracy: Lessons from the Athenians. How often do you get to hear a former US diplomat, author, and archaeologist/ancient historian give a talk about democracy in the very city where it was invented around 2,500 years ago?!

Among the many presentations given, these were some of the highlights:

  • From 2014 to 2018, there was a 147% increase in US ballots cast
  • From 2014 to 2018, there was a 322% increase in civilian US citizens abroad casting ballots
  • From 2014 to 2018, there was a 600% increase in Americans abroad using
  • Big Picture Goals for 2020
    • Double the abroad civilian vote from 2016 (send out 1 mil ballots)
    • Take back the White House and the Senate and flip state senates and houses! We can do this; think about the 2019 results in Virginia!
    • Protect the House
    • Save Democracy in the US 
  • Messaging Goals for 2020 

We learned about what it takes to run a Global Presidential Primary and tactics for reaching new American voters. We talked about social media messaging and strategies. We reaffirmed our commitment to fighting fake news and making the 2018 blue wave even bigger in 2020! I think all of the attendees returned home invigorated, excited, and determined to succeed in 2020; I know I did.

The GPP and voter registration events will require lots of volunteers. Are you interested in getting involved? Make sure you've joined Dems Abroad and then sign up to volunteer!

Meet Your DA Switzerland Leaders! #DemsAbroadDay

Hello! Happy Saturday and Democrats Abroad Day!

This is the second annual DA Day, which celebrates all our members and what we do to excite and motivate voters around the world.

In honor of our day, we would like to introduce you to some of our leaders for the 2019-21 term!

You can learn more about all our national leaders here and check out our chapter leaders in Basel, Geneva, and Zurich as well!

Help Us Develop the Democrats Abroad Global Platform

These are dark times and the prospect of taking our country in a more positive direction is an exciting one. Democrats Abroad is working on developing our DA Platform. We will have delegates at the DNC and have enough members globally to be treated as a large state at the National Convention. We’d love to have you involved in the development of our platform.

To allow for as much input as possible, DA is forming Coffee Table Discussions where small groups will gather with a moderator who will collect feedback on what is important to our members and what the platform should look like. The actual discussions will roll out sometime in September but for now we are looking specifically at Phase 1 of this two phase development process.  

We know we have members who are very passionate and knowledgeable about a variety of political concerns, from immigration reform to gerrymandering and everything in between. We can offer you a unique opportunity to have direct input in DA's platform and hopefully the DNC platform as well. If there is a political topic you are particularly passionate about and you’d like to help develop these Coffee Table Discussions, please get in touch with and we will point you in the right direction. Specifically, we need people to gather materials and information about specific topics (of your choice) as well as potential moderators.
This is an opportunity we hope you will be excited about!

Summer Report: Zurich Stands in Solidarity with Lights for Liberty

On July 12, I participated in a vigil in solidarity with the "Lights for Liberty" movement, which organizes for the end of detention centers in the United States. This organization has witnessed and protested the subhuman conditions that asylum seekers and anyone crossing the border without a U.S. visa encounters. Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, lawyer, activist and organizer argues that, "the immigration policies and detention camps of the Trump administration meet the United Nations definition of genocide and crimes against humanity."

According to a report from June 2019 by the Office of Inspector General from Homeland Security, all four ICE detention facilities that they inspected “had issues with expired food,” that the “segregation practices violated standards and infringed on detainee rights,” and that “detainees were not provided appropriate clothing and hygiene items to ensure they could properly care for themselves.”

I attended the vigil here in Zurich because I myself am an immigrant and advocate for our human and civil rights. I went especially as a Guatemalan and Central American, since a high percentage of migrants are coming from my region and encountering human rights violations, and death, in these centers. CNN News reported this June that since the Trump Administration came into power, 24 migrants have died in ICE custody. Half of the people who have died in custody are under 45 years of age, and three of them were children, all from Guatemala:

As we lit our candles, I thought about the lives of separated families, of the sons and daughters who died in detention, and of all those who have died along the migrant trail trying to reach the U.S. Mexico border. May we never forget these images of terror and may we continue to denounce the crimes that the U.S. government is committing. This is happening today, right now as I write, and it will be happening when you read this. May we identify these violations in every country where we live, and may we continue to resist xenophobic discourse and policies that do not serve our vibrantly diverse world. Seeking asylum is a human right, not a crime. 

Written by Maya Márquez Román

Geneva Pride Celebration 2019

Join the Genevois for the 2019 Pride week celebration featuring numerous events including a parade on Saturday, July 6! For more information, go to

Note: This is not a DACH-sponsored event, but may be of interest to our members.