Election Night and Post-Election Events


Join DACH for Election Night and Post-Election Coverage over various media outlets in Switzerland! Also Join the Global DA Event featuring a contribution from the DACH Basel Chapter, which will be running a Pub Quiz! This post will be updated with information as it is confirmed, so check back!

    DACH spokesperson Miriam Victory Spiegel will discuss our plans as we head into Election Night

    Live In-Studio discussion with DA representative Jazzmin Dian Moore. Additional guests include former US-CH Ambassador Suzi LeVine, DA Germany and Action Together: Zurich member Teresa Ritterhof, and members of the Swiss press and local institutions

    DACH member Christopher Kelley will sit on a (virtual) panel discussion discussing the BLM movement and its relation to Trump and the US election
    Livefeed here:

    • 6 AM: Former DA Zurich Chair Renee Rousseau will provide insight and analysis from her overnight viewing party 
    • 8 AM: DACH spokesperson Miriam Victory Spiegel will discuss the overnight results and provide analysis.

    Democrats Abroad will hold a 24 hour Zoom event with contributions and discussion from DA chapters around the world! RSVP for the Zoom link here:

Final Debate Download

The final Presidential debate download featured Michaela Vendiola, Tribal activist and leader, and Chi Tran-Braendli, speaking about the role of healthcare.

Recorded on 23 October 2020.

1 Day to Go

Share your #votingstory

As overseas voters, we don’t get to vote in person: wait in a line, get ticked off a list, go into a booth, and get a real sticker at the end. But we have our own stories and voting journeys. What’s yours? Aren’t you glad you voted? How did it go? Did anyone help you? Share your story with us. Share this post to your timeline, put your story in a caption, tag us, and tag a friend asking them to share their story too. #votingstories




2 Days to Go

Last call - 24 Hour Voter Help Session - Share the Link!

Today is the final 24 hour Voter Help session via Zoom - we also have sessions on Monday and Tuesday.  But today is the last day that your overseas friends can get help with any question they have about their ballot at any time today.  Make sure your friends know this. Share the link to the QR code

There are 13 states where you can still start the entire voting process - voter registration & ballot request (AZ, CO, CT, IA, KS, ME, MN, MT, NC, ND, NH, VT, WA) [though 4 of those (CT, MN, NH, VT) require the ballots to be received by mail by November 3rd so that’s a challenge!].

And if you are registered already but just have to request your ballot, there are 12 states where you can do that (AK, DE, FL, GA, IN, LA, MS, OR, PA, SC, SD, WY). [The two states that require ballots to be mailed (GA & PA) currently have extended deadlines past a postmark of November 2nd or 3rd but we are urging folks to get those in by Election Day.]

So the bottom line is there are still 25 states where you can request your ballot as of today November 1 -- so if you’ve given up, don’t! It may not be too late! And the way to find out is to ask -- get help with us on Zoom!

3 Days to Go

Happy Halloween! Vote AND Treat!

Confirm one more vote and give yourself a treat! Vote and treat, not trick or treat! My favorite treat is a Snickers. How about you? You know, we are now up to 1.2m visits to Go on....give yourself another treat!

4 Days to Go

Spread the word you have voted!

You've voted, so make sure to show everyone you have. This way you can encourage them to vote too. Let's blanket our platforms with kittens! You can post this cute kitten frame, an I Voted Sticker, or a frame around your profile photo. Here are the links: kitten or I Voted sticker, FB frame

5 Days to Go

Ask one friend to send in their back-up ballot today!

We know you've heard it before - so it may feel like Groundhog Day - but it's actually send your back up ballot day today! We're getting down to the wire; any voters who don't have their ballots yet should do a back up ballot (Federal Write In Absentee Ballot/FWAB) today. Check and see if any friend is still waiting for their ballot - they should do the back up ballot today! Here's the link to the form: FWAB. Here's a link to the resources page with fact sheets and how to videos. For voters who have to get their ballot back by November 3, we recommend that you do courier today - there are only 3 business days til Election Day and couriers can take that long. And you may be in luck - you might be able to get a discount - please check here for the details.

6 Days to Go

Time is ticking...remind a friend about the courier discount!

20 states require you mail your ballot, but there is a quicker way that’s cheaper. FedEx and DHL are offering discounts depending on the country. See this link for the details.