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Say Hello to our New Executive Committee!

On Sunday, 14 March, Democrats Abroad Switzerland held our 2021 Annual General Meeting, including elections for our 2021-23 leaders!

Say "Hello!" to our new ExCom!

Office Name Email
Chair Eric Burns [email protected]
Vice Chair Liz Voss [email protected]
Secretary Traci Möller [email protected]
Treasurer Jane Monahan [email protected]
Member-at-Large Joe Amato [email protected]
Member-at-Large Pete Kaiser [email protected]
Member-at-Large Jennifer Shore [email protected]
Member-at-Large Cedric Sumo [email protected]
Immediate Past Chair, 2020-21 Vance White [email protected]
Basel Chapter Chair Ben Stewart [email protected]
Suisse Romande Chapter Co-Chair Emily T. Blitz [email protected]
Suisse Romande Chapter Co-Chair Peter Butterfield [email protected]
DPCA Voting Representative Leedonal Moore [email protected]
DPCA Voting Representative Vivian Beetle [email protected]
Zurich Chapter Chair & DPCA Voting Representative Zachary Bailey [email protected]

We are already working on plans for engaging with you, our members, as well as ways to reach out to other US citizens living in Switzerland. We want to hear from you and what you care about, so please get in touch!

A Commitment to Solidarity with Incarcerated People

In The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, Michelle Alexander argues that, “An extraordinary percentage of Black men in the United States are legally barred from voting today, just as they have throughout most of American history.” Throughout Alexander’s book, she explains how incarceration is the tool used to disenfranchise formerly imprisoned voters and that a racist lawmaking and penal system in the United States replaced Jim Crow laws as the mechanism to do so. 

In July 2021, Democrats Abroad Switzerland - Basel will host an online letter and postcard writing solidarity action to support those who are currently incarcerated in Virginia and Florida--two states where voting rights can be restored to incarcerated individuals upon their release from prison. 

During the letter and postcard writing solidarity action, 20 minutes of instruction and guidance will be provided to help you write voting rights-based content to a currently incarcerated person. The action comes from @prisonculture’s 9 Solidarity Commitments to/with Incarcerated People for 2021. The 20-minute instruction will be recorded, and will be shared upon request.

To learn more about how justice reform emanates from ideas in Alexander’s The New Jim Crow and aligns with the Black Lives Matter movement, please see these resources about

Other resources: You can design, write, and send postcards using the Swiss Post PostCard Creator App, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Learning about Juneteenth

In preparation for our event on Juneteenth, Jazzmin Dian Moore has recorded this video explaining some of the historical significance of Juneteenth as well as introducing the Mandela in Chicago documentary we will be discussing.

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DA Switzerland Teams and Organizational Structure

Have you been wondering how Democrats Abroad Switzerland fits into the overall Democrats Abroad structure? Have you wondered who you should talk to about an event idea, issue, or question? Hopefully these charts will help!

DPCA Executive Committee Resolution Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations


March 26, 2021

  1. Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has infected nearly 120 million people and caused over 2.6 million deaths worldwide, and

  2. Whereas many Americans live in nations which may not readily be able to provide vaccinations to all people within their boundaries or which may limit vaccine availability based on nationality, cost or other factors, thereby resulting in many Americans living overseas remaining unvaccinated, and

  3. Whereas this situation may also reduce the ability of American citizens to travel freely to the United States on business or due to family emergencies,

  4. Whereas protection for Americans is linked to immunizations worldwide to end the spread and mutation of the COVID-19 virus, 

  5. Therefore Democrats Abroad calls on President Biden and Congress to include all Americans in his commitment, regardless of where they reside, and to empower and direct the Departments of State and of Health and Human Services to cooperate with the CDC, vaccine manufacturers, and public health authorities worldwide to provide, or ensure the availability of, vaccinations for all Americans abroad, and to support the global availability of adequate vaccine supplies as a critical step in ending the pandemic worldwide.

  6. Therefore, the DPCA ExCom commits volunteer resources and our organization to making the appropriate authorities in the US government aware of the pressing needs for this action, and to keep our members informed of our actions.

DA Switzerland Women's Caucus

This year the DACH Women’s Caucus will focus on three areas:

  1. Opportunity alerts for members to contact lawmakers in support of legislation for women’s rights and equal opportunity. For example, in March the House removed the deadline for ERA passage and 12 states still need to ratify the bill.
  2. Strengthening our sisterhood by aligning with initiatives driven by the DA Global Women’s Caucus as well as women’s organizations such as Supermajority and Emerge.
  3. Informing ourselves about issues critical to women’s well-being (equal pay, violence against women, childcare, reproductive health, climate action).

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more, please contact Alissa Reindel and Victoria Pao at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

Join us for a hike!

DA Switzerland has new leaders at the country and chapter levels and we want to meet you!

Hikes are being arranged for Sunday, May 2, in:

and for Saturday, May 8, in:

  • Basel (rescheduled from May 1)
  • Geneva (rescheduled from May 1)
  • Lugano (rescheduled from May 1)

In line with our Diversity & Inclusion goals, we aim to have these hikes be:

  • Easy for people with disabilities, easy for people of all ages, easy for parents with strollers, etc.
  • Easy to get to - a route which doesn’t require too much of a journey, also so that everyone can join without a extra train ticket or such. It should be free for all.
  • Within COVID regulations; masks should be worn and we will have a contact tracing form available.

There will be a small break during the hike so that we can rest and also enjoy each other's company safely.

Click through the event links above for complete details.

You can join our DACH Hiking Group on WhatsApp to connect with other attendees and discuss alternative plans in the event of rain.

Meet the Candidates for DPCA Global Office

The Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) 2021 Global Meeting will take place the weekend of May 14-16, online. During this meeting, DPCA voting representatives elected at the county committee level (5 from Switzerland) will elect the Global Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Legal Council.

The Global Executive Committee (ExCom) will lead Democrats Abroad for the next two years, giving guidance and support to the leaders and volunteers around the world.

DA Switzerland wants to be sure that we know the candidates and can make informed votes. We wanted our members to have the opportunity to hear from these candidates. We also welcomed DPCA voting representatives from other country committees to attend and ask questions.

This Zoom session was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube:


Chat transcript