The DA Switzerland leaders are:

12 directory listings

Apolonio Huerta

Chair, Zürich Chapter; DPCA Alternate Representative, Switzerland
Tory Mallett

Chair, Switzerland
Elizabeth Voss

Chair, Basel Chapter; DPCA Voting Representative, Switzerland
Pete Kaiser

DPCA Alternate Representative, Switzerland
David Heaps

Vice Chair, Switzerland
Callie Harvey

Secretary, Switzerland; DPCA Voting Representative, Switzerland
Emily Blitz

Chair, Suisse Romande Chapter
Peter Butterfield

Treasurer, Switzerland
Jeremy Dick

Member-at-Large, Switzerland; DPCA Voting Representative, Switzerland
Alexandra Surer

Member-at-Large, Switzerland
Jennifer Shore

Member-at-Large, Switzerland
Michael Williams

Member-at-Large, Switzerland; Media Relations Team Leader, Switzerland
Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in odd numbered years in accordance with the DPCA Charter.