The DA Switzerland leaders are:

15 directory listings

Apolonio Huerta

Chair, Zürich Chapter; DPCA Alternate Representative, Switzerland
Tory Mallett

Chair, Switzerland
leedonal moore

Int. Secretary; Global Black Caucus Chair; DPCA Voting Rep, Switzerland
Elizabeth Voss

Chair, Basel Chapter; DPCA Voting Representative, Switzerland
David Heaps

Vice Chair, Switzerland
Megan Delgleize

Treasurer, Zürich Chapter; DPCA Alternate Representative, Switzerland
Callie Harvey

Secretary, Switzerland; DPCA Alternate Representative, Switzerland
Jeremy Dick

Member-at-Large, Switzerland; DPCA Voting Representative, Switzerland
Emily Blitz

Chair, Suisse Romande Chapter
Peter Butterfield

Treasurer, Switzerland
Pete Kaiser

DPCA Alternate Representative, Switzerland
Alex Surer

Member-at-Large, Switzerland
Jennifer Shore

Member-at-Large, Switzerland
Michael Williams

Member-at-Large, Switzerland; Media Relations Team Leader, Switzerland
Alissa Reindel

Women's Caucus Liaison, Switzerland
Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in odd numbered years in accordance with the DPCA Charter.