3 Days to Go

Happy Halloween! Vote AND Treat!

Confirm one more vote and give yourself a treat! Vote and treat, not trick or treat! My favorite treat is a Snickers. How about you? You know, we are now up to 1.2m visits to Go on....give yourself another treat!

4 Days to Go

Spread the word you have voted!

You've voted, so make sure to show everyone you have. This way you can encourage them to vote too. Let's blanket our platforms with kittens! You can post this cute kitten frame, an I Voted Sticker, or a frame around your profile photo. Here are the links: kitten or I Voted sticker, FB frame

5 Days to Go

Ask one friend to send in their back-up ballot today!

We know you've heard it before - so it may feel like Groundhog Day - but it's actually send your back up ballot day today! We're getting down to the wire; any voters who don't have their ballots yet should do a back up ballot (Federal Write In Absentee Ballot/FWAB) today. Check and see if any friend is still waiting for their ballot - they should do the back up ballot today! Here's the link to the form: FWAB. Here's a link to the resources page with fact sheets and how to videos. For voters who have to get their ballot back by November 3, we recommend that you do courier today - there are only 3 business days til Election Day and couriers can take that long. And you may be in luck - you might be able to get a discount - please check here for the details.

6 Days to Go

Time is ticking...remind a friend about the courier discount!

20 states require you mail your ballot, but there is a quicker way that’s cheaper. FedEx and DHL are offering discounts depending on the country. See this link for the details.

7 Days to Go

Contact one friend who procrastinates and tell them about the back-up ballot!

Do your friends procrastinate? That’s OK! 25 states allow you to request your ballot all the way until the 2nd or 3rd of November! So if they have procrastinated, tell them to vote the back-up ballot TODAY. Here’s a link to the “How To” fact sheet and a video. It's the Final Stretch - don't miss out!

8 Days to Go

Call a friend who votes in Kentucky, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio, or Wisconsin!

Ballot request deadlines this week:
  • Kentucky (October 27)
  • New Mexico and Wisconsin (October 29)
  • Michigan and Ohio (October 31).

Do you have a friend in one of these states? Ask them if they have sent back their ballot. If they haven’t, they must act now! If they have, give them an I Voted sticker.