April 09, 2024

Spring into DA Switzerland's News & Events!

You voted, and the results are in! Joe Biden is the Democrats Abroad nominee for President in 2024! He won the Global Presidential Primary receiving 80% of the ballots cast. He was followed by the Uncommitted vote with 13% and Marianne Williamson with 7%. In Switzerland, President Biden received 81% of the vote, Uncommitted garnered 12%, and Marianne Williamson received 6%. Thank you for turning out and for participating in our democratic process! 

In April, we are holding our Annual General Meeting. I hope you will join us as we report on our membership and finances, and brainstorm for get out the vote strategies. Importantly, we will be voting on our updated bylaws and electing new DPCA Representatives. In addition, all of our Chapters will be having local Annual General Meetings in the coming weeks, which I hope you will attend.

In celebration of Earth Month, please join us either in Puidoux this Saturday for a walk in the Lavaux region or in Frick this Sunday for an easy hike among the cherry trees! And please take a look at this newsletter from the Global Environment and Climate Crisis Council to learn more about their efforts and what you can do to help.

Democratically yours,

Tory Mallett
[email protected]

Table of Contents

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad Switzerland will take place on Zoom on Sunday, April 21!

Are you interested in attending? Please RSVP on the event page here.

Learn about the DPCA Voting Representative candidates here.

Want to cast a ballot but not able to attend? Request a proxy form by emailing [email protected].

Item 6 on the agenda is voting on new bylaws. The final proposed document can be found by clicking the button below:

We want to know what you think about the events we've had so that we can make future events better!


Events may be added throughout the month, so be sure to check our events page, social media channels, or our Google Calendar!

SAVE THE DATE and be sure to join Democrats Abroad Switzerland for a nationwide celebration of 🇺🇸 Independence Day 🇺🇸 and the official kickoff of ☀️ summer ☀️!

Details are still being finalized, but we will be holding a potluck party at the Köniz Castle in Bern; please mark your calendars because we would love to see you there!

Please go to our website for more information on upcoming events, how to become a volunteer, and how to become a sustaining donor.

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