March 27, 2024

2024 DPCA Voting Representative Candidates

On March 3, 2024, the Nominations and Elections Committee issued a Call for Candidates. Two members of DACH nominated themselves for an open DPCA Voting Representative position. As a reminder:

DPCA Voting Representatives

We will elect two voting representatives to the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA). This is DA at the global level, which is part of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Each country committee, eg. Switzerland, sends reps to vote at DPCA global meetings. These global meetings typically happen once or twice a year and offer online or in-person attendance for all meetings.

Candidates, in alphabetical order by last name

Peter Butterfield, DACH Treasurer

I'd like to get back into putting my voice into the DPCA global meetings. I did so previously as Switzerland Vice-Chair 2013-17, during which time I recognized the importance of helping make decisions in the global organization, and enjoyed the task. Since then I've stayed active in Switzerland by helping with events in the Suisse Romande Chapter, as Co-chair of the Chapter (2021-23), and currently as the DACH Treasurer.

Alex Surer, DACH Member-at-Large

Since joining Democrats Abroad after the 2022 MidTerms and being elected Member-At-Large a few months later, I’ve been in awe of the small-but-mighty engine that is DACH Switzerland - and am happy to lend support however and where ever I can.

I seized the opportunity to join our DA teams for Door-Knocking in Washington D.C. last summer to rally supporters for our bi-partisan bill to ’study our challenges as Americans Abroad', as well as the EMEA AGM in Alicante in the fall. (still working on juggling all them acronyms!)

Switzerland as multi-lingual country located smack in the middle of Europe is often pointed to as lodestar for neutrality and functioning democracy.

Having grown up here, I know the Helvetic system is not without its flaws and faults, but there is a reliable sense of sanity and inherent fairness to it - an arc bending towards justice, without suddenly snapping back.

Like a nightmare we can’t seem to wake up from, US democracy and basic rights have been under attack for many years now, we are all exhausted and yet we have to keep pushing back with everything we got.

I will keep doing my best to contribute, to learn, motivate others to show up and speak up.

Please join us at our 2024 Annual General Meeting on April 21 to vote for these candidates!

The 2024 Nominations Committee

Liz Voss, Chair
Tory Mallett, Committee Member