July 14, 2023

Ohio Voters: Are You Prepared to Vote on August 8th?

2023 may not be a Presidential or Midterm election year, but Ohio voters have an extremely important ballot measure to vote on: Ohio Issue 1, 60% Vote Requirement to Approve Constitutional Amendments Measure.

Democrats Abroad would like to make sure that you're prepared to vote "NO" on August 8th. Republicans have been clear--the goal of this initiative is to undermine abortion rights. In November, Ohioans will once again be asked to go to the polls, this time to codify the right to reproductive freedom in an amendment to the state constitution. This last minute attempt to change the rules before November is a blatant effort to stop that amendment from being successful.

What Would this Amendment Do?

  • This amendment would require a 60% majority from voters to approve an amendment to the constitution. (Currently, Ohio requires a simple majority requirement from voters to approve a constitutional amendment.)
  • It would also require initiative petitions proposing a constitutional amendment to be signed by at least 5% of the electors in each of Ohio's 88 counties, rather than in 44 counties.
  • Finally, it would also remove the ten day period for petitioners to gather additional signatures for a constitutional amendment if they filed an insufficient amount of signatures.

Do Other States have Supermajority Requirements for Constitutional Amendments?

  • Out of the 49 states that require voter approval in order to amend the constitution (Delaware is the only state that does not require voter approval for constitutional amendments), 38 states require a simple majority vote (50%+1) for a proposed constitutional amendment to be adopted.
  • In the 11 other states, voters must approve a proposed constitutional amendment by more than a simple majority or by some rule that combines different criteria.

What is the Argument Against this Amendment?

In opposition to the amendment, State Sen. Paula Hicks-Hudson, State Sen. Vernon Sykes, State Rep. Dontavius Jarrells, State Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney, and State Rep. Dani Isaacsohn said:

"This amendment would destroy citizen-driven ballot initiatives as we know them, upending our right to make decisions that directly impact our lives. It takes away our freedom by undermining the sacred principle of 'one person, one vote' and destroys majority rule in Ohio. Last year, Ohio politicians eliminated August special elections saying, “Interest groups often manipulatively put issues on the ballot in August because they know fewer Ohioans are paying attention.” And yet here we are, voting in August on just one question: should Ohio permanently abolish the basic constitutional right of majority rule? Special interests and corrupt politicians say yes. They don't like voters making decisions, so they’re trying to rewrite the rules to get what they want: even more power."

You can find our more about this ballot measure at VoteNoInAugust.org.


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