March 27, 2024

2024 DA Switzerland Annual General Meeting

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad Switzerland will take place on Zoom on Sunday, April 21!

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Want to cast a ballot but not able to attend? Request a proxy form by emailing [email protected].

Item 6 on the agenda is voting on new bylaws. The final proposed document can be found by clicking the button below:


1. Introductions and Welcome 10:00 AM Tory Mallett, Chair
2. Chair's Report 10:10 AM Tory Mallett, Chair
3. Treasurer's Report 10:20 AM Peter Butterfield, Treasurer
4. Membership Report 10:30 AM Liz Voss, Database Administrator
5. Special Elections 10:40 AM Nominations & Elections Committee
6. Bylaws Vote 11:10 AM Bylaws Committee
7. GOTV Brainstorming 11:40 AM Tory Mallett, Chair
8. Adjournment 12:10 PM Tory Mallett, Chair

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