International Chair- Leedonal 'Jazz' Moore- Democrats Abroad



Name:                  Leedonal Jazz Moore

Gender:                 Non-Binary

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Member since:         2018

Country/Countries:  Switzerland



I am a non-binary individual fluent in English, German, and eight other languages, including sign language. Growing up in a military household taught me to adapt to new situations while staying connected to my bi-racial heritage. My experience in community organizing, volunteering, and publishing fuels my passion for bringing people closer together through hobbies like fencing, horseback riding, and cooking. I’ve been representing DA Switzerland since the 2020 elections and received national and international recognition for empowering marginalized communities, especially the Black and LGBTIQ+ community. I consult for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and plan events for corporations, schools, and embassies. Currently, I hold positions as the International Secretary of Democrats Abroad, DPCA Voting Representative for DA-CH, and Chair of the Global Black Caucus.


Describe your volunteer work with DA and cite your greatest DA accomplishment.

As the International Secretary of Democrats Abroad, I’m responsible for managing the administrative and organizational tasks of the organization and maintaining records. As the DPCA Voting Representative for DA-CH, I represent the interests of Democrats Abroad Switzerland and serve as a liaison between the DA-CH and DA. Additionally, as the Chair of the Global Black Caucus, I lead the efforts to engage and empower Black Democrats living abroad, advocating for policies that promote equity and justice. Overall, my volunteer work involves coordinating and representing Democrats Abroad at both the international and local levels, while advancing the interests of the Democratic Party and its members.


Why are you running for this office?

As members of Democrats Abroad, we have a vital role in promoting progressive politics and standing up for our values. Our work includes advocating for democracy, human rights, and climate action, while fighting for the rights of marginalized communities. As International Chair, my goal is to build on our achievements and continue pushing for change. We need to increase voter turnout, especially among young and marginalized communities, and ensure that every American abroad has a say in our political process. We must also advocate for bold and progressive policies at every level of government and form alliances with like-minded individuals and organizations worldwide. We recognize the power of grassroots movements and must empower and uplift every member of our community in the struggle for a better future. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned activist or a new member, your voice and contributions are crucial to our success. I pledge to ensure that all members feel valued and heard.


How will your skill sets and experience contribute to DA’s success?

My experience as the International Secretary and DPCA Voting Representative provides me with a deep understanding of DA's inner workings, such as its goals, policies, and procedures. This knowledge enables me to make informed decisions and offer valuable insights to guide the organization towards success. As Chair of the Global Black Caucus, I have a proven track record of fostering community and inclusivity, which is essential to DA's success. Additionally, my communication, organizational, and detail-oriented skills are vital for ensuring that the organization operates efficiently. Overall, my leadership abilities and expertise make me a valuable asset to DA as I can lead, collaborate, and communicate effectively to help the organization progress towards its mission.


Should you be elected, are there any DA organizational or practical issues (not political goals) that you would like to address?

To improve accessibility and inclusivity in our organization, we need to increase outreach and engagement with underrepresented groups like Black voters, young voters, and people with disabilities. Providing resources and support to members in remote or rural areas should also be a priority. We can streamline communication channels by implementing new technologies that facilitate online collaboration and communication. Improving our social media presence can also help increase engagement and create a sense of community among members. To enhance fundraising and financial management capabilities, we should implement new strategies to increase donations and support from members. Developing more efficient financial reporting and management systems can also help. Overall, focusing on improving accessibility and inclusivity, optimizing communication channels, and enhancing fundraising and financial management capabilities will help Democrats Abroad effectively support and represent its members.

How can Democrats Abroad best raise our profile among American voters abroad and better work to elect Democrats?

We need effective and inclusive comms strategies that inspire, motivate, and educate individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our mission. Utilizing a multi-faceted approach, we can leverage platforms such as social media, event planning, and partnerships with other organizations and State Parties to expand our influence. Social media is a powerful tool that enables us to collaborate with influencers and reach a wider audience. Voter registration drives and canvassing events help us engage with potential voters and raise awareness. Partnering with other organizations increases access to resources and information on how to exercise our fundamental right to vote. Engagement with elected officials highlights the positive impact of DA and advocates for policies that benefit us. Inclusivity is at the heart. Working together creates an environment where every voice is heard and valued.


Endorsement from Ambassador Suzan LeVine (Ret.), she/her

While serving as President Obama’s Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, I had the honor of meeting and working with Leedonal Jazzmin Moore and immediately saw and became deeply impressed with their ability to organize, communicate, enlist, and inspire others – all of the qualities we need in a state party chair!

My admiration has only grown since I returned back to the United States and engaged with them to save our Democracy.
I’ve seen and worked with a lot of exceptional state party chairs all across the US and, with their experience as chair of the Black Caucus and Secretary of Democrats Abroad, I know that they would come into the job at full speed and excel at the critical work of securing and directing the resources that driving voter turnout abroad requires.

I highly recommend you elect Leedonal Jazzmin as your next chair of Democrats Abroad.

Video statement can be viewed here

Endorsement from Reavis Hilz-Ward  - Volunteer,  Germany-Frankfurt and Greater Hessen

I have been deeply impressed over the last couple of years of working with them on a large number of activities, campaigns, and meetings. I would like to mention a few of my observations and experiences and relate them to the position (or what I consider to be essential qualities required for it).

 1) Vision, foresight, and a strategic mind. Jazz is committed to the principles on which our country and by extension, our party are based. Time and again I have witnessed their ability to think and plan strategically, patiently explaining the vision so that everyone comes on board, and seemingly effortlessly move projects to completion.

2) High personal integrity. This is an absolute precondition for a leader and Jazz shows this at all times.

3) Kindness, empathy, and tolerance. Jazz genuinely likes people and has an amazing talent for mobilizing, persuading, exciting, and motivating people to work with them on a common goal, which they articulate clearly.

4) Last but not least, effective multitasking. Jazz is currently juggling work as International Secretary, Chair of the Global Black Caucus, and other demanding requests on their time. They are always responsive, present, supporting, and contributing. I want to see this in the international Chair. I firmly believe that Jazz will move DA forward to more impact, more professionalism, and more reach – just at the time we most need it!

Endorsement from Teresa Ritterhoff, Ph.D., she/her - DA Membership Engagement Coordinator
Throughout their joint tenure as Global Secretary & GBC Chair, Jazz demonstrated exactly the kind of leadership, energy, drive, character, and competence DA needs at this moment.
Jazz brings perhaps the most valuable resource of all: experience. Having themselves administered many and various aspects of the organization, Jazz comes well prepared to bring DA’s “A”-game to the 2024 presidential cycle. There is arguably no better preparation for the role of Chair than that of Secretary, a sometimes thankless but high-intensity job. Jazz brought a stellar work ethic to the table, deep and sincere engagement with members at all levels, and a sense of proportion as well as humor. As an active member of the current Global ExCom, Jazz is moreover perfectly poised to build on the considerable achievements of the past two years and to hit the ground running toward victory in 2024.
The International Chair represents DA at the Democratic National Committee, the press, and among our membership around the globe. Since meeting Jazz in a Swiss TV studio on election night in 2020,  and since then over countless hours on Zoom, I have seen firsthand the grace with which they handle themselves under pressure and under the spotlight. Jazz’s passionate leadership of the GBC is a case in point. Integrity and devotion to core Democratic values that they brought to the GBC would be extremely well placed in the service of the entire organization.
Jazz has the character, skills, and experience to lead DA at this critical juncture.