Remembering Charlottesville

Silence is no longer acceptable. We know this, every one of us. We have held vigils this week to mourn the death of Heather Heyer, to push back against the hatred of racism and the white supremacist movement, creating a massive unified front of members willing to stand up and publicly proclaim what they believe.

Now we must turn our energy and anger into action, pushing legislation that combats racism, doubling down on our get out the vote efforts, and joining with the Democratic party in a call out to Republicans to stand up to Donald Trump’s hate filled rhetoric.

This weekend the GOTV Team is kicking off phone banking campaigns for VA and NJ. In our calls we will be asking voters to request their ballots, and then call their representatives and senators and ask them to condemn Trump’s actions.

The Comms team is rolling out a global social media campaign today and tomorrow with a similar call to action message to all of our members. For anyone with Democratic representatives, we urge you lucky folk to join Tom Perez in a shout out to RNC Chair McDaniel, asking that the Republican party stand up to Trump. We will Rise and we will Organize.

This Friday, August 18 at 2pm EST, EAC Commissioner Tom Hicks will join us in a webinar to talk about Voter Rights and how we can work to combat voter suppression. Please RSVP today if you haven’t already.

Getting out the vote also means expanding our voter outreach, and our Data team is hard at work gathering 2016 voter data from all 50 states. This data is not free though, so please consider sponsoring your state’s data. If you are interested in the possibilities of being sponsor for your state, please contact the fundraising team.