Congratulations to the DA Italy Officers

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In accordance with the Democrats Abroad Italy Bylaws, we recently elected our bi-annual COUNTRY and CHAPTER OFFICERS at our Annual General Meeting (AGM). Thank you to all who voted and/or participated!

2022 Mid-term elections are essential to help America be Better!  Get involved: get other Americans living in Italy to join DA Italy, participate in our events or help with our fundraisers so we can reach out to Americans and prepare them to vote!!

Don't hesitate to contact any board member, we'd love to hear from you!


DA Italy Country Leadership 
Chair:          Nancy Fina (Piacenza)
Bob Vallier (Florence)
Patty Howard (Padenghe Sul Garda)
Adriano Romano (Rome)
Lynn Chasson (Milan)

Voting Reps: 
Helenka Kinnan (Rome)
Alessandro Marra (Rome)
Patrick J Soricone (Bologna)

Northern Italy Chapter Leadership 
Chair:          Mark Pendell (Milan)
Vice-Chair:  Mychelle Vincent (Milan)
Secretary:   Christian Slayton (Milan)
Treasurer:   Stephany Miranda (Milan)

Central Italy Chapter Leadership
Chair:          Bob Vallier (Florence)
Vice-Chair:  Sarah Baker (Florence)
Secretary:   Joyce Barnette (Florence)
Treasurer:   Jane Zaloga (Florence)

Southern Italy Chapter Leadership 
Chair:          Rebecca Spitzmiller (Rome)
Vice-Chair:  Helenka Kinnan (Rome)
Secretary:   Daniela Salvioni (Rome)
Treasurer:   Angelica "Angel" Hudgins (Rome)

Bologna Precinct Leadership 
Chair:          Joanne Nora Maloney Chiarelli (Sasso Marconi)
Vice-Chair:  Patrick J Soricone (Bologna)