Welcome to the DA France Women's Caucus!

Women’s Caucus

Welcome to the DA France Women's Caucus blog. We have created this space to share news, events, and ideas within the community of our members in France who wish to promote gender equality and empowerment of women around the world.

Our mission is to support, educate and enlighten our community with social, political and cultural events, specifically concerning women. We hope to engage, empower and motivate our members and the larger community of Americans in France to exercise their right to vote from abroad. 

We encourage you to reach out to us to provide content and ideas for this blog in order to keep it as interactive as possible. You can contact the DAFrance Women's Caucus co-chairs -- Connie Borde and Sheila Malovany-Chevallier at [email protected].

Our DA France Women’s Caucus has a long and lively history within Democrats Abroad. Founded in 1992, it became the model for Women’s Caucus groups in countries around the world.  Since the start we have been advocating here in France on issues of great concern for women: reproductive rights and justice, equal rights for women under the Constitution (we support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment), women and the environment, violence against women, and more.  

The DA France Women’s Caucus has participated in marches galore, and makes its voice heard through the media. We share books and ideas about society in general and, most importantly, we we foster intersectionality with other caucuses who seek equality.

We regularly invite special speakers - Senators, Reps and other US political figures -- to speak to us in person or live online, as well as women in other areas: business, science, teaching, arts etc.

The current Chair of the DA France Women’s Caucus is Catie Brand. In addition to our France-based activities, we interact on a global level with the Global Women’s Caucus. Event sharing with the Global Women’s Caucus enables us to broaden and enrich our possibilities of dynamic political action. We invite you to visit the Global Women's Caucus webpage in order to learn more about our global initiatives, and to join.