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    Elimination Violence Against Women

    In Recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, The Women Safe Abroad Project of the GWC Violence Against Women Team will conduct a very special interview with the leaders of Pathways to Safetythe only organization created specifically to support US victims of violence while living, traveling or working abroad. Violence against women and girls is a persistent pandemic that often remains silenced and in the shadows. The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women is a day of awareness and action. We urge you to participate in the 16 days of activism developed by UN WOmen and join the GWC and Pathways to Safety event

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    When Virginia became the 38th state to ratify the ERA on January 27, 2020, all constitutional requirements for the ERA to become the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution were satisfied. Yet, the ERA has not been published by the Archivist, who is deferring to the opinion issued by the previous Administration’s Office of Legal Counsel. The GWC is urging Attorney General Merrick Garland to take the immediate action of directing his newly confirmed Director of the Office of Legal Counsel, Christopher Schroeder, to withdraw the January 6, 2020 opinion memo from the Attorney General Barr Department of Justice. Please sign the ERA Coalition's public petition to the Attorney General, asking him to correct this error and let history be made.






    We are committed to fostering and promoting gender-informed perspectives in issues analysis, communication and policy-making for issues that impact women. We take action to address policies that negatively impact women and their families and so, by implication, the economy and our democracy.

    Our Volunteers help American women around the world become real activists in the struggle for women's rights no matter where they live and no matter how small or large their numbers -- whether a committee of one or one hundred. Learn about the ways you can volunteer with the Global Women's Caucus.

    Our Mission guides us to take actions to addresses policy that negatively impacts women and their families, and to fight tirelessly for the policies that bolster and protect them. 

    Our Leaders bring diverse experiences to the Global Women's Caucus, with expertise in a variety of fields ranging from law to education; from technology to arts. 

    DA Global Women's Caucus Leadership:

    Ann Hesse
    | Chair, Democrats Abroad Global Women's Caucus
    marnie delaney
    | Chair, Global Disability Caucus - Steering Committee Global Women's Caucus; Lead Violence Against Women Team - Secretary, Aix-Marseille Chapter - Medicare Portability Task Force - Senior Caucus-In-Formation Committee - Advocacy Committee
    Jamie McAfee
    | Communications Co-Chair, Womens Caucus
    Stayce Camparo
    | Communications Co-Director, GWC; Editor of GWC Newsletter
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    GWC January/February 2022 Newsletter

    Letter from the Editor

    As we welcome yet another year, and hope that this new year brings more fortune, let’s not forget our strength and resolution as Democrats. We must not lose sight of the progress we’ve made, even in light of sideways, or even some backwards, steps. We are moving forward! -- and the Global Women’s Caucus is resolute on maintaining that movement. 

    2022 is another important election year. As you read the GWC Newsletter, we hope you will be encouraged and encourage others to VOTE. Be sure to request your ballot at It's recommended to request your ballot every year. For those of you voting in Texas, the first primary is March 1st. Your vote matters.

    The GWC is growing, and we need your help. Join our team for this very important midterm year. Consider volunteering with us, help friends and family register to vote, or donate! It’s the new year, so make sure you’re registered to vote here!

    We hope you enjoy this edition, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

    Stayce Camparo, Communications Co-director, Global Women’s Caucus

    Over 10,000 members and growing! Join us


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    GWC November 2021 Newsletter

    Letter from the Editor

    There is not a day that goes by that the Global Women’s Caucus is not aware of the immense threats to the rights of women and girls all over the world, however the ability to act on every development, or appreciate every advance, is difficult to do. Awareness doesn’t always involve an act, per se, but rather also a clear intention to be well informed. By gathering information from reputable sources and understanding how to express that information, we can all be warriors against mis and disinformation. As we celebrate holidays, once again in person with our loved ones, the GWC invites you to practice awareness as we both recognize the threats to women all over the world and discuss ways to alleviate these threats.

    This GWC newsletter is taking on a different look to accommodate our growing caucus, but some elements still remain. Check out our Artist’s Corner and read ERA excerpts written by our members.

    We hope you enjoy this edition, and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

    Stayce Camparo, Communications Co-director, Global Women’s Caucus

    Over 10,000 members and growing! Join us


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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 03:00 PM Berlin Time · 70 rsvps
    Zoom in Berlin, Germany

    Meet the Texas Primary Candidates

    Join Texans Abroad for our Meet the Primary Candidates* panel discussion series to hear from some of the candidates for:

    • Lieutenant Governor
    • Attorney General
    • Land Commissioner
    • TX-35 Congressional District.

    This event is your chance to hear the Democratic candidates share their backgrounds, key issues and their vision for the state. There will also be time for a Q&A session with an opportunity for attendees to ask questions. 

    The event is being co-sponsored by the Democrats Abroad Progressive Caucus, Global Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and Global Women’s Caucus.


    • Saturday, January 29th
      • 8 am Central / 3pm CET / 10pm HKT
    • Wednesday, February 2nd
      • 1 pm Central / 8pm CET / 11am PST

    Texas Primary Ballots have already started going out! Request yours TODAY if you haven't already at! See our TX Voting Guide for more information.

    RSVP for the Zoom link - same link for both events! Write to [email protected] with any questions.

    *Democrats Abroad has not endorsed any candidate(s) and is committed to remaining neutral for the duration of the primary. All candidates for the above races were invited to speak at our events.

    Monday, February 21, 2022 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) · 1 rsvp
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    Call for Volunteers

    Violence Against Women (VAW) Task Force: Call for Volunteers!

    We are currently looking for motivated team players to join our Violence Against Women research project. Our project provides tactical, practical information to American women overseas who find themselves in violent situations. Our efforts also go towards advocating for legislation stateside.

    We’re looking for a minimum 3 month commitment, a passion for this cause, and people who are team players.

    RSVP to join one of our upcoming Zoom calls and learn more.