"In a world where diversity is our strength, we stand together, hand in hand, united in purpose and solidarity. Welcome to the Global Women's Caucus, a vibrant community of women from every corner of the globe, working tirelessly to shape a brighter future.

We believe in the power of our voices, and together, we amplify our message, fostering positive change and progress for women everywhere. As a sub-group of Democrats Abroad, we champion the values of equality, inclusivity, and justice.

Our mission is clear - to empower, to uplift, and to inspire. Through the strength of our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences, we forge connections across borders, weaving a tapestry of change that knows no bounds.

As we embrace our democratic spirit, we come together to address issues that matter most: gender equality, reproductive rights, economic empowerment, and social justice. Our voices rise, breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings.

Our journey is one of growth and transformation. Like flowers that bloom, we nurture each other's ambitions, supporting our dreams and aspirations. In this nurturing environment, we create a world where every woman's potential can flourish.

Join us on this remarkable journey. Together, we will make history and shape a world that celebrates the strength and resilience of women. Stand with us as we inspire, empower, and unite.

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The Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus proudly ranks as one of the world’s largest overseas political organizations dedicated to American women. 

Our mission is to mobilize overseas voters and raise a strong unified voice on the issues that especially impact American women, whether they reside within the United States or abroad.

We employ a wide range of communications channels, regular calls to action, and a variety of events, both virtual and in person to achieve our goal of equipping our members with the essential information and tools they need for activism while fostering a sense of community around the globe.

We strive to put our issues and our Democratic candidates in the global spotlight, and show American women abroad how their activism, their engagement and their vote can make a positive difference on women's rights at home and around the world.

Our Volunteers help American women around the world become real activists in the struggle for women's rights no matter where they live and no matter how small or large their numbers -- whether a committee of one or one hundred. Join Now!

Our Mission guides us to take actions to addresses policy that negatively impacts women and their families, and to fight tirelessly for the policies that bolster and protect them. 

Our Leaders bring diverse experiences to the Global Women's Caucus, with expertise in a variety of fields ranging from law to education; from technology to arts. 


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