Women's Caucus Events

  • Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 02:00 PM · 55 rsvps
    Zoom Webinar in Washington, DC

    Global Women's Caucus ERA Project Kickoff with Equal Means Equal

    Learn about the Equal Rights Amendment – first introduced in 1923 – and how you can help.

    Please join us on Tuesday October 16 @ 2PM EDT for the kickoff meeting for the Global Women’s Caucus Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) project.

    Kamala Lopez, the executive director of Equal Means Equal, will be sharing information about the history and the current status of the ERA along with what needs to be done.

    Men were granted rights in the Constitution in 1776. Women are still waiting for the amendment to grant them equal rights. We are one state short of the 38 states needed to ratify the amendment.



    RSVP below to reserve a spot for the webinar which will be both informative as well as a call to action.

    If you have questions you would like asked during the call, please send via email before October 10, to shari_temple+era@democratsabroad.org.

    Check out the DA Wiki for more information on the ERA: (https://wiki.democratsabroad.org/display/ERA )

  • Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 10:00 AM · 14 rsvps
    Webinar in San Francisco, CA

    Feminist Storytelling: Books Abroad Reads Rebecca Solnit


    BOOKS ABROAD, A global feminist reading group, conducted on Webex with you right in front of your own computer screen!


    At this meeting, we'll be discussing Rebecca's Solnit's book The Mother of All Questions, a collection of essays centered around feminist storytelling. Solnit, a California native and lifelong activist, is credited with inspiring the term "mansplaining" in a 2008 essay titled, "Men Explain Things to Me," which later became a book published in 2014. The Mother of All Questions is a follow-up to that book in which Solnit further unpacks cultural misogyny and the power of a woman's story.

    You can find the book easily on Amazon.

    As a prominent writer in literary feminism, Solnit is both praised for her wide-ranging thematic coverage and criticized as a figurehead at the forefront of "pop feminism." Please join us as we dive into Solnit's lyrical storytelling style, debate what its means to be a "valid feminist," and discuss the ways in which we can amplify women's voices. 

    We will send you the Webex link and explanations for calling in when you RSVP.  

    Try it!  It's fun and interesting.



    Please join us as we dive into Solnit's lyrical storytelling style and discuss the ways in which we can amplify women's voices.

    RSVP below to get the link