The Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus proudly ranks as one of the world’s largest overseas political organizations dedicated to American women. 

Our mission is to mobilize overseas voters and raise a strong unified voice on the issues that especially impact American women, whether they reside within the United States or abroad.

We employ a wide range of communications channels, regular calls to action, and a variety of events, both virtual and in person to achieve our goal of equipping our members with the essential information and tools they need for activism while fostering a sense of community around the globe.

We strive to put our issues and our Democratic candidates in the global spotlight, and show American women abroad how their activism, their engagement and their vote can make a positive difference on women's rights at home and around the world.

Our Key Issues and Legislative Goals:

Gender Equality
Gender equality is specially included in the constitutions of 168 countries in the world. Sadly, it is not included in the biggest democracy in the world: the United States.  Women and LGBTQ+ citizens have more rights outside the United States than they do in their home country.  This is embarrassing and absurd for the leading democracy in the world.  The Equal Rights Amendment has met all the constitutional requirements to be inscribed as the 28th Amendment.  We call on Congress to affirm that the ERA is the 28th Amendment.

Reproductive Justice
More and more states are limiting or outlawing abortion and criminalizing basic health care. American women who live abroad are appalled that their sisters in the United States are by and large deprived of the reproductive rights they benefit from abroad; that is, the right to reproductive health care for women, pregnancy and post pregnancy care, birth control and abortion (not to mention child care for working women).  And they wonder whether they should return to the United States when their reproductive freedom will be seriously restricted.  We call on Congress to enact federal legislation similar to the Women’s Health Protection Act legalizing abortion in all 50 states and territories.

Women’s Economic Empowerment 
Many American women abroad, particularly in Western Europe and Canada, enjoy many social programs which our sisters do not enjoy in the richest country in the world! Examples include universal healthcare, subsidized child care, paid family leave,  extended maternity leave, and more equal pay regulations. We  call on Congress to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act,  and consider the numerous proposals of the House Democratic Women’s Caucus. We strive to have more women “at the table” by electing women Democrats at all levels!  

Violence Against Women 
Since funding from the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) to Pathways to Safety International was cut in 2019 there is no full, 24-7-365 support for US victims of gender-based crime while abroad. This cut has resulted in unsafe conditions which severely impact the physical, mental and financial health of American women traveling and living overseas. We call on Congress to hold hearings and identify funding to support the work of Pathways to Safety International in support of U.S.victims of gender/based violence while abroad.

Contact Information:
Ann Hesse, Chair DA Global Women’s Caucus
[email protected]