Our Global Women's Caucus is helping Americans around the world become real activists in the struggle for women’s rights no matter where they are, no matter how small or large their numbers -- a committee of one or one hundred!

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There is no "one-size-fits-all" level of involvement.  What our individual sections do depends very much on their size. Here are just a few examples:

Communications & Outreach

Help reach new caucus members and share stories of women living abroad. This working group curates our caucus’s online presence (web, social media, email) and promotes events, activities, and issues.

Communication Leads Job Descriptions - Global Women’s Caucus

The “Wordsmith.” 

  • Responsible for Website Content and Newsletter
    • Website- posting, upgrading the look as needed (in conjunction with IT liaison)
    • Newsletter
      • Newsletter Title, Intro, content, and conclusion 
      • calls to action (DA, other caucuses, and team action)
      • event promotion (DA, other relevant events, GWC events)
  • Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours/week (fluctuates, but expect 6-8 hours in the week before Newsletter distribution)


Social Media  Manager 

  • Responsible for managing all GWC Social Media platforms
      • Manage Facebook, Twitter & Instagram platforms
      • Social media strategy in concert with global comms and the other caucuses
      • Maintain content calendar with daily posts for each platform
      • Support platform managers 
      • Create engaging captions, graphics & relevant content
  • Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours/week


Visuals and Graphic Designer

  • Responsible for providing Graphic Design for GWC Social Media and website
      • Familiar with Canva 
      • Understand basic graphic design principles
      • Take dry policy language and create engaging designs
      • Quickly turn around designs 
      • Stay on brand & understand our audience
      • Promotional event materials, newsletter images, social media 
  • Estimated time commitment: 3-5 hours/week


Shared Responsibilities

  • Responsible for Creating  overall GWC Communications strategy 
    • Manage comms team 
    • Serve as members of GWC Steering Committee 
    • Interact with Democrats Abroad Global Comms
    • Interact with other global teams as necessary:

Country Committee Guidelines

Help coordinate with, support, and organize with Democrats Abroad's 40+ country committees to establish a women’s caucus at the country and chapter levels. (more information here).


Women are faced with many issues that have global impacts. Our action teams and issues help raise awareness and promote policy that aids in the security and wellness of women all over the world. Help us identify and educate our members about these different issues.

Events-in-a-Box and Resource Kits

To help local women’s caucuses, we are preparing pre-made events and informational resources that caucus leaders at the country and chapter levels can use to educate and bring their members together. Volunteers can help create an event based on issues identified by the Issues Working Group and find ways to facilitate discussions.


Organize speaking events with prominent women’s rights activists. This could include these roles:

  • Coordinate event with the Global Communications & Global Women’s Co-Chairs
  • Zoom training with Global IT
  • Liaise with speakers and plan logistics

Volunteer today! Simply fill in the Volunteer Interest Form.

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