Annual General Meeting and Leadership Elections: 2022 - Keep the momentum, our future is up to you!

In accordance with the Democrats Abroad Italy Bylaws, we will be holding our bi-annual elections for COUNTRY and CHAPTER officers at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 14, 2021. The meeting will be held online.

We all have dreams for the future and here are some, beautifully expressed by our members.
But to make them come true we need to bolster our volunteer network in DA Italy, so we can get people to vote in state and mid-term elections and thus solidify the Biden-Harris administration and our Democratic Congress (!).

Let's not just dream but create a new reality. Your candidacy would be an enormous help!

1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) March 14, 2021

When: Sunday, March 14 from 3pm to 6pm
Venue:  Virtual meeting on Zoom from the comfort of your home

Say yes to life! Contribute to the world and you will contribute to yourself. Let’s get to know each other and explore how we can sustain our new Democratic leadership.

Preliminary Agenda: 

- Welcome from Nancy Fina, DA Italy Chair
- Guest speaker 1 - to be announced
- DA Italy reports on actions and accomplishments over the past 2 years
Guest Speaker 2 - to be announced 
- Introducing the new 2021-2023 Country, Chapter and Precinct Officers (the results of the remote voting as described below)
- Discussion of OUR TWO-YEAR PLAN - What comes next

We will close with a virtual toast and informal conversation.
Our goal is to align our actions and Democratic values, bringing us all together - DA Italy officers and members  - to build an inspirational active community. 

2. Elections of DA Italy Country, Chapter and Precinct Officers 2021 - 2023

The period declaring candidacy for a Leadership Office is now closed. Thank you to those who submitted their nominations.

All voting will take place remotely. The ballots and candidate statements were sent to DA Italy members on Feb. 28. You will be able to vote until March 13 midnight
All voting will take place by electronic ballot this year, therefore no nominations will be accepted during the meeting itself. The only exception is if there are offices left vacant due to a lack of candidates.

We are proud to announce the following candidates:

DA Italy Country Leadership -  Click here for the candidate statements
Chair:               Nancy Fina (Milan)
Bob Vallier (Florence)
Patty Howard (Padenghe Sul Garda)
Adriano Romano (Rome)
Treasurer:          --
Voting Reps: 
(3 to be elected)
   Helenka Kinnan (Rome)
   Alessandro Marra (Rome)
   Anthony Dion Mitzel (Cesena)
   Patrick J Soricone (Bologna)

Northern Italy Chapter Leadership -  Click here for the candidate statements
Chair:            Mark Pendell (Milan)
Vice-Chair:   Mychelle Vincent (Milan)
Secretary:    Christian Slayton (Milan)
Treasurer:    Stephany Miranda (Milan)

Central Italy Chapter Leadership - Click here for the candidate statements
Chair:           Bob Vallier (Florence)
Vice-Chair:  Sarah Baker (Florence)
Secretary:   Joyce Barnette (Florence)
Treasurer:   Jane Zaloga (Florence)

Southern Italy Chapter Leadership - Click here for the candidate statements
Chair:             Rebecca Spitzmiller (Rome)
Vice-Chair:     Helenka Kinnan (Rome)
                       Alessandro Marra (Rome)
Secretary:      Daniela Salvioni (Rome)
Treasurer:     Angelica "Angel" Hudgins (Rome)

Bologna Precinct Leadership -   Click here for the candidate statements
Chair:         Joanne Nora Maloney Chiarelli(Sasso Marconi)
Vice-Chair:  Patrick J Soricone (Bologna)

A quick reminder that only members of Democrats Abroad Italy can vote in the elections. Do NOT vote any ballot that may have been forwarded to you! If you cannot find the ballot sent to you on Feb. 28, please contact us at [email protected] to request a copy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The Elections Board for DA Italy Country Committee and Chapter Elections

[email protected]