Democrats Abroad Reparations Task Force Celebrates Introduction of Congresswoman Cori Bush’s Historic Reparations Resolution

Reparations Now. Repair Harm. Enact Reparations.

May 17, 2023 – The Democrats Abroad Reparations Task Force is proud to have endorsed and worked with Congresswoman Cori Bush’s office on the introduction of her historic new Reparations NOW resolution.

Over 22 pages, the Reparations NOW resolution lays out the historic and ongoing harms perpetrated against Black people in America over the last 400 years and makes clear the need for a holistic reparations program, including at least $14 trillion to eliminate the Black-white racial wealth gap. 

The resolution calls for the enactment of a federal reparations commission, either through legislative or executive means, and encourages the creation of federal, state, and local initiatives to advance the cause of justice. It also honors the lives and legacies of those who died as a result of state-sanctioned violence, from chattel slavery through the present day. 

Amid the relentless rightwing attacks on Black life and Black history, the need for this resolution could not be more acute. The Democrats Abroad Reparations Task Force is honored to stand alongside Congresswoman Bush and many long-time freedom fighters as we mark this momentous occasion.

The Congresswoman put it best in her Wednesday news conference when she stated, "We're lifting up this mirror of a resolution so America can face it and see, look in it and see, our future – a future of healing, a future of repair, a future of accountability. We're not here to request that future. We're here to demand it. We need that future now. Reparations NOW!"

Click here to watch the full press conference, and visit to learn more. 

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